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The Elusive Open VTuber Commission Slot: A Hilarious Struggle

Hey there, future VTubers! Are you finding yourself in the late-night hours, meticulously scanning your favorite artists’ Twitter feeds at 3 am, hoping to catch that elusive “VTuber Commissions Open!” tweet? Have you gone to the extent of joining 962,793 Discord servers, all in pursuit of that 0.0001% chance of snagging a commission slot?

Well, my comrades, the struggle is real. But I’m here today with a rare glimmer of hope in these dark, commission-closed times! 

I’m Vishwas, the resident VTuber expert at, and I’ve delved deep into the hidden corners of the internet to unveil a truly astonishing phenomenon: VTuber artists who are *currently* open for commissions! It might sound too good to be true but trust me, it’s real.

Below I’ll be revealing the profiles, platforms, and details of 10 talented artists ready to breathe digital life into your virtual persona! This is not a drill folks – time to put those commission slot hunting skills to use before these rare openings disappear back into the void. Let’s goooo!

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Struggling to Find an Open Commission Slot?

As a wise defeated-looking wizard once said, “Commissions openings come and go. But mostly go.” 

Trying to get a VTUBer model commissioned sometimes feels like battling to the death in a Roman coliseum. Endless waiting lists, lotteries, hunger games style forms. Your routine becomes an endless cycle of refreshing Twitter feeds and Discord channels, fingers poised to strike the moment an artist utters the magic words: “1 slot available!”

But fear not, for today, we shall cast aside these nightmarish tales of closed commissions! For I have ventured deep into the web, braving the challenges, and emerged triumphant with invaluable knowledge about artists who are actively welcoming commission requests at this very moment. Behold!

  • Prushka: Inspired by the world of Manga and anime, Prushka’s artistry knows no bounds. From pretty anime girls to cute chibi models, and even anthropomorphic animals (yes, furries too!), Prushka’s talents are boundless. A masterpiece crafted by Prushka comes at a price of US$900 for a full-body design and rigging.
  • Aeru Studio: Aeru Studio is a circle of creators from diverse backgrounds, coming together to provide top-notch services and packages. For $3600, you’ll get the royal treatment with a Fullbody VTuber Model Art and Fullbody VTuber Live2D Rigging. Brace yourself for a breathtaking avatar that comes to life with mesmerizing animations! With Aeru Studio’s collaborative approach, you’re in for a truly unique and enchanting virtual experience.
  • Eli: A lover of anime characters and a skilled Live2D artist, Eli is ready to breathe life into your VTuber dreams. With expertise in drawing and animating anime-style characters, their work seamlessly integrates with platforms like VTubeStudio, Prprlive, and FaceRig. For a mesmerizing Live2D half-body design and rigging, the price is set at US$450.
  • Akeno Arata: Enter the world of Akeno Arata, a seasoned illustrator with eight years of experience in Anime VTuber style. From stunning anime illustrations to captivating book covers, t-shirt designs, and even VTuber model design and rigging, Akeno’s talents know no bounds. A full-body character design comes at an enticing price of $200, with an additional $123 for animation and rigging.
Akeno Arata Fiverr
  • Wowie: At just 20 years old, Wowie is a rising star in the VTuber art and rigging scene! With their magic touch, they’ll craft a stunning full-body masterpiece and rig it up for a seamless virtual experience. For $800, you’ll be treated to a work of art that’ll leave your viewers in awe. Don’t let Wowie’s age fool you – their talent knows no bounds!
  • G4streamer: Meet G4streamer, a talented and experienced duo who lives and breathes design. With their artistic prowess, they can take a simple concept and transform it into thousands of extraordinary designs. For a fee of $225, you’ll get a vibrant full-body animated character that will make you stand out in the virtual galaxy.
G4streamer Fiverr
  • Xiaojing: An artist with a remarkable seven years of experience in character and Live2D model design. With a passion for conceptual art and expertise in live2D model creation, Xiaojing offers a full-body Live2D animated model for $750.
  • Chim: Welcome to Mefimefi, where Chim and their team specialize in creating VTuber models with a touch of flexibility. Worried about funds? Fear not, for they offer installment services to ease your journey. With $580, you’ll receive a full-body character design and rigging, ready to bring your virtual persona to life.
Chim Etsy
  • Nikhil Sapra: With over 100+ actively streaming models on Twitch and YouTube, Nikhil Sapra is a seasoned VTuber model creator using the enchanting magic of Live2D since 2018. Expect unmatched after-sales service and a Full-body Live2D VTuber Model Art & Rigging for $980.
  • Studio Nekoyama: Step into Studio Nekoyama, where a team of professional artists awaits to cater to your VTuber needs. With a portfolio that boasts over 100 creations, they’ll craft a high-quality, customized VTuber avatar that reflects your unique personality. For a fee of $790, you’ll get a full-body character with detailed animations radiating with charm.
Studio Nekoyama ETsy

Parting Thoughts

And there you have it — a dazzling array of ten artists scattered across the vast expanse of the internet, each with VTuber commission slots that are actively open as we speak.

But let’s not forget: these sought-after opportunities can vanish in the blink of an eye. So, if any of these profiles align perfectly with your vision and budget, don’t hesitate! Reach out ASAP to claim those rare slots before they’re swallowed back into the void.

Stay tuned for more hard-hitting VTuber commission intel as I continue scouring the web for evidence of openings. The hunt goes on!

If you’re ready to elevate your VTuber experience to new heights, I invite you to check out our complete guide to VTuber model commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update the list of artists with open VTUBer commissions? 

I make it a point to refresh the list approximately every 2 to 4 weeks, ensuring that it remains current with the emergence of new commission opportunities. It’s worth noting that commission availability can shift swiftly, so I recommend checking the provided links for the latest information.

Can I make suggestions for artists to add to your open commissions list?

Absolutely! I wholeheartedly encourage you to provide suggestions for reputable VTuber artists who warrant inclusion. Whether you drop a comment below or get in touch with me directly, kindly provide the artist’s name, their platform, or their site, and confirm that they presently offer available commission slots.

Do artists have to pay or apply to be included in your list? 

Not at all! This exposure comes entirely free of charge. There’s no fee or application process that artists need to undergo for a mention on the list. The artists featured are solely those I’ve personally identified, who just happen to have open slots.

How do you check if an artist’s commissions are open?

I dig through various platforms and profiles looking for “open” commission status. This could include role statuses, posts or videos announcing commission availability, or mentions of available slots in their website or biography. I exclusively feature artists who have directly confirmed the availability of commission slots.

Can I commission any anime-style art for my VTUBer model or does it need to be a VTUBer specialty artist?

For optimal outcomes, it’s advisable to collaborate with an artist experienced in VTuber content and proficient in Live2D rigging. However, some adept general anime artists can also craft VTuber models with the proper guidance and references provided by you. Flexibility exists, but specialized expertise generally yields superior results.

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