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Evolving Trends in the VTuber World: What to Expect

Evolving Trends in the VTuber World: What to Expect

The vibrant world of VTubing, a realm where digital avatars breathe life into content creation, is undergoing a notable transformation. As enthusiasts reminisce about their early experiences in the virtual landscape, a significant uptick in VTuber graduations, particularly within the indie VTuber community, has become evident.

However, contrary to alarmist views, this surge in graduations is part of the cyclical nature inherent to the VTuber environment. History shows a similar wave occurred last October without causing a collapse. As the global situation inches towards normalcy, numerous VTubers who initially immersed themselves in the digital realm out of passion or as a hobby are now redirecting their focus to the physical world.

Some are venturing into entrepreneurship, leveraging their online presence to enhance their digital services. Graduations, typical of thriving industries, are anticipated to persist.

Amidst these transitions, it’s crucial to reassure the VTuber community. The VTuber realm is not fading away; it’s evolving and thriving. Fresh faces are announcing their debuts, agencies are actively scouting new talent, and the community remains steadfast. While the curtain may close for some, the virtual spotlight eagerly awaits the emergence of the next rising star.

In a surprising turn, viewing trends are favoring shorter, easily consumable content — reminiscent of YouTube Shorts and TikTok. The year 2020, with its prolonged periods of indoor confinement, witnessed a surge in streaming content consumption. Statista reported that three billion internet users, constituting a significant portion of the lockdown population, were engrossed in streaming content. Consequently, VTuber views on YouTube soared to over 1.5 billion views per month by October 2020.

So, while long-form content had its moment in the sun, the current rave is snackable content that’s easy to digest. Prove me wrong, but it feels like we’re coming full circle, returning to VTubing’s earlier roots that focused more on highlight reels rather than lengthy live streams. 

The caveat here? Not all VTubers, especially rookies, have the resources to diversify their content and bolster their online presence. For some, VTubing isn’t their bread-and-butter, but more a stress-busting reprieve from their day jobs. 

So, what’s the takeaway from this recent wave of VTuber graduations? It’s a stark reminder of the online realm’s fleeting nature. Toss in a dash of negativity that often pervades online spaces, and it’s no surprise that many VTubers are opting to bow out gracefully.

The Future

Challenging the narrative of an industry in decline, the VTuber field is, in fact, expanding, albeit not at an exponential pace. The onus now rests on agencies and brands to devise innovative strategies to sustain their fanbase. Key questions loom: Are new VTubers sufficiently charismatic to captivate their audience? Do agencies possess the resources necessary to monetize these experiences and provide robust support for their talents? Will a continuous stream of innovations enrich the VTuber experience?

While a crystal ball remains elusive, one certainty prevails: the ebb and flow of VTuber waves are an intrinsic aspect of this industry. But rest assured, the creativity, innovation, and experiences unique to this virtual world are here to stay. After all, we all love a good soap opera, don’t we?

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