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Senzawa Face Reveal + Her Graduation Mystery Solved

Being a VTuber fan is a rollercoaster ride! There are some highs and lows, but it’s always entertaining and fun overall. But here’s the biggest caveat: You must always be prepared for your favorite VTuber to suddenly disappear from the VTubing scene.

The same is the case with our favorite alcoholic goblin, Senzawa! She just went off the grid out of nowhere! And due to that, several conspiracy theories are going around in the VTubing community to explain her hiatus. The one that could actually be true is that Gawr Gura is Senzawa.

We’ll take a deeper look at that theory to see if that’s true or not. We’ll also share Senzawa’s face-revealing photos, so read on!

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Who Is Senzawa?

Senzawa is an American animator, VTuber, and music creator famous for her parodies of pop culture and anime music and some original satirical content.

Senzawa gained significant popularity after posting a video titled “I turned a bad copypasta into a bad rap” (also known as “Rawr x3 / You So Warm”).

This video helped her gain over 900,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel before she went inactive. Right now, she has 1.23M subscribers on her YouTube channel. Despite her channel being inactive, she continues to gain new subscribers.

Her famous rap version 2.0

Her Collaborations

On June 17, 2020, Belle Delphine announced her return to YouTube. She did it with a video titled “I’M BACK -belle delphine.”
Senzawa’s collab with Belle Delphine.

The video featured an unexpected song, with Senzawa rapping the chorus and most verses while Delphine sang the last verse. The collaboration between the two creators was incredible and generated much attention from their respective fan bases.

Senzawa Face Reveal

With a bit of digging through the depths of the internet, we were able to find Senzawa’s face reveal photos. Here’s how Senzawa looks in real life:

Senzawa in real life
Senzawa in real life

Although she has covered her face with a mask in this one, you can tell that she is stunning. Here’s her fully face-revealing photo:

Senzawa face reveal
Senzawa face reveal
Senzawa real face
Senzawa real face

She looks absolutely adorable with those bunny ears! We need to protect this cute bunny!

Senzawa IRL
Senzawa IRL
Senzawa looking hot
Senzawa looking hot

She has a stunning body. We can tell that she works out. But you can not tell me that’s what that alcoholic goblin looks like. I thought it would be like a 600-year-old alligator, but no, it isn’t!

Senzawa’s Graduation

Senzawa’s last video was uploaded on December 14, 2019. That was an original satirical song titled Oki Doki Boomer based on the meme “Ok Boomer.”

Her most famous meme song.

Although she continued streaming on her Twitch channel for a few months, she has since deleted all her VODs from the platform.

Senzawa is inactive on Twitter, but her account still liked one famous tweet per month, although this stopped as of December 30, 2020.

After a long silence, on October 4, 2022, Senzawa tweeted, “uh oh!” which was the first public interaction from her in almost two years.

Is Gawr Gura Actually Senzawa?

Get your tinfoil hats on! We are about to get into conspiracy theories. No, seriously! As Senzawa suddenly disappeared from the VTubing scene, there’s been a conspiracy theory that the person behind Gawr Gura is actually the same as the one behind Senzawa.

In this section, we’ll analyze the similarities between the two in detail. That includes their behaviors, voices, subtle hints in their VTuber model, etc.

That said, be aware that I am suspicious of these claims. So take them with a huge grain of salt. We are going to get through each link between them and hopefully get a verifying answer to this puzzling mystery. So let’s get started!

Evidence # 1: Their Voice

One of the most compelling pieces of proof is obviously their voices. And luckily, Gawr Gura happened to do a cover of the same song that Senzawa covered, named Country Road. Here are both of the clips:

Senzawa did a cover of the song Country Road.
Gura’s Take on Country Roads

Hmmm… their voices do seem awfully similar to me. What do you guys think? While you ponder upon that, let’s move on to the next piece of evidence.

Evidence # 2: Similar Content & Models

Senzawa has previously dabbled in VTube-type content. For instance, in a couple of her streams, she used a VTuber model with a similar style to what hololive members use today.

Both use anime girls of suspiciously similar stature. Here are both of their VTuber models:

Senzawa's VTuber model
Senzawa’s VTuber model
Gawr Gura's VTuber model
Gawr Gura’s VTuber model

This argument seems pretty weak to me, as there are plenty of VTubers with a VTuber model similar to theirs. Nonetheless, it often comes up during discussions on this topic in the community. And I do understand the reasoning behind it.

Evidence # 3: Coincidence? I Think Not!

Gawr Gura debuted on the 13th of September 2020. And guess when Senzawa stopped posting on her channel? Her last post on her channel was on the 15th of December.

Also, her last notable activity online was in Belle Delphine’s comeback video, which was posted on the 18th of June 2020. And after that? Complete silence!

Now, this isn’t an isolated case, as you might think. This seems to be a pattern in the case of VTubers joining hololive. They completely abandon their previous characters or, in extreme cases, purge their existence from the internet.

For example, we previously covered how the well-known hololive detective named Amelia Watson might actually be Sachiowo. For context, Sachiowo was a VTuber who went completely off the grid with all her VODs, YouTube videos, Twitter, etc., deleted just before Amelia Watson was launched. Check out this blog post for more information on that and Ame’s face-revealing photos.

It seems to be the same scenario in the cases of Senzawa and Gawr Gura. Their debut and graduation dates are too “coincidental” for me.

Evidence # 4: The Similarities Behind Their Characters

Now some minor things that might intrigue you and add to the conspiracy: Senzawa’s character and her profile picture are based on the image of the character Kawina from the anime “Hinako Note.

The funny thing is, this character has been previously associated with sharks! Does it ring a bell? That’s right! Gura just happens to be a shark.

Evidence # 5: The Hair Theory + Some Small Details

Notice how similar both of them look:

The similarities in their looks.
The similarities in their looks.

The only major difference in looks, I think, is their hair. Senzawa has dark blue, while Gura has white hair with light blue highlights. When you look at it, it almost seems like white isn’t her natural hair color. Almost as if it were bleached!

Both have also shown an emotional connection to the song “Can’t help falling in love.”

Gura Gawr singing “Can’t help falling in love.”
Senzawa’s cover of the song “Can’t help falling in love.”

The Verdict

To give a truly conclusive answer to this mystery would not be possible. At the end of the day, we have to make up our own answers from the information gathered.

However, since you’ve read all the way up to here, I’ll give you my answer. With all the evidence mentioned above, I have to say that it’s very, very likely that Senzawa is actually Gura. If I had to give it a probability percentage, I’d say I’m 85% sure.

But if you are a Senzawa or Gura fan, why does this conspiracy matter to you? To me, the only thing that matters is that, as a fan, you can enjoy the content these creators create. And if we consider for a moment that this theory is true, we should all praise Senzawa/Gura. They went from sh*tpost legend to VTube icon!

Wrapping Up: Senzawa Real Face

There you have it! All the instances where Senzawa revealed her face. We also discussed whether Senzawa is actually now Gawr Gura. I hope you like it! If you did, you’d love this one where we list down 13 famous VTubers that reveal their faces.

That’s all, folks!


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