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DEV_IS: A Melodic Evolution Within Hololive

As a longtime fan of VTubers and Hololive in particular, I was pretty confused when Cover Corps announced they were debuting a brand new branch called DEV_IS. I mean, Hololive already had over 80 crazy talents across multiple branches worldwide. Did we really need more? What purpose could a new branch possibly serve? 

After watching the DEV_IS debut streams and reading reactions from other fans online, I’ve come to believe that this new branch actually fills some important niches and expands Hololive’s audience in strategic ways. In this post, I’ll break down my analysis of the purpose and goals behind DEV_IS by looking at the talents’ designs, musical focus, target demographics, founding concepts, and what it means for us fans. Strap in, because this is going to be a wild ride!

DEV_IS A Melodic Evolution Within Hololive

Analyzing the Designs

When I first saw the concept art for the DEV_IS girls, I immediately noticed their designs were way more lowkey and “normal” looking compared to a lot of the wacky hairstyles and over-the-top accessories many Hololive girls sport. Don’t get me wrong, I love my crazy-haired fox girls and chicken nuggets as much as the next guy. But the DEV_IS girls have a certain casual coolness that really stands out. 

This departure from the norm is a potential magnet for female viewers who may have wearied of the prevalent over-sexualization in the world of VTubers. DEV_IS girls epitomize style and beauty in a natural, relatable manner. They don’t rely on generous proportions or revealing outfits to capture attention; rather, it’s all about an understated sense of class and attitude.

In my view, this strategic design choice might be Cover’s way of broadening the demographics of VTuber enthusiasts beyond the stereotypical lonely otaku demographic. Diverse character designs pave the way for a broader appeal. In my book, that’s a savvy move!

The Musical Focus

DEV_IS distinguishes itself from the traditional Hololive roster primarily through its fervent emphasis on music—an aspect that undoubtedly steals the spotlight. 

After their debut stream, all five girls released their first solo covers. It’s abundantly clear that these talented individuals are gearing up to craft a plethora of original songs and covers, forming a harmonious ensemble.

This musical focus fills a notable gap left by the dissolution of Hololive’s previous musical subgroup, INNK Music. With INNK no longer in the picture, DEV_IS steps in to carry the torch of delivering top-tier musical content. Clad in their distinctive uniforms and in line with discussions I’ve had with fellow fans, it’s apparent that this branch will predominantly channel its energy into music rather than the more conventional streaming variety content.

I can hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of witnessing DEV_IS grace live concerts, showcasing their musical prowess to the fullest. For fans like myself, those music-filled streams and covers promise to be nothing short of pure ear candy!

Analyzing the Talents

After immersing myself in their debuts and introductions, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the DEV_IS girls’ unique personalities and immense potential. What truly sets them apart is the delightful amalgamation of quirks, charm, and an undeniable cool factor — there’s truly something for everyone in this vibrant ensemble.

Kanade quickly won me over with her endearing and goofy sense of humor, reminiscent of a delightful pet bird chirping away merrily. I can easily envision her vibing with Watame, sharing their infectious charm and light-hearted antics.

Raden exudes an aura of mystery and intrigue, thanks in part to her distinctive mask and mischievous demeanor. She displayed a masterful camaraderie with her fellow talents during their joint debut stream, leaving me in fits of laughter. Her indulgence in drinking and smoking adds a layer of maturity, providing a captivating contrast amidst the group.

Ririka burst onto the scene with a fiery intensity comparable to the legendary Haachama. Yet, beneath that fervor lies a sweet side, evident in her engaging interactions with chat.

Hajime, on the other hand, struck me as the quintessential shy girl, gradually unfurling to reveal hidden depths. Her emotive singing left a lasting impression, and I anticipate she’ll flourish with the support and encouragement of her senpai and the community.

And then there’s Ao, a breath of fresh air and a true embodiment of the unexpected. A cool beauty who defies assumptions, her deep voice and handsome looks juxtapose perfectly with her sincere and genuine personality. The unpredictability surrounding her content journey excites me, leaving me eagerly awaiting what fascinating paths she will tread.

The Founding of DEV_IS

As we become more acquainted with the DEV_IS members, it’s worth delving into the theories behind Cover’s decision to establish this intriguing branch.

First and foremost, it appears that DEV_IS aligns with YAGOO’s longstanding vision of an idol dream. The branch embodies a step closer to realizing this vision, portraying a polished performance group vibe with its professional uniforms and musical expertise. It remains to be seen if this aspiration will materialize as envisioned or if the mischievous Raden will steer the group towards uncharted, perhaps degenerate, territories. The potential for either outcome is undeniably present!

Furthermore, DEV_IS presents Cover with a golden opportunity to experiment with novel concepts and talents. It offers a platform to take creative risks and explore different approaches without imposing major changes on the core Hololive branches. If DEV_IS thrives, it’s a win-win situation. If not, Hololive can seamlessly continue its operations without significant disruption — a calculated strategy, minimizing risk and amplifying potential rewards.

The strategic partnerships established with major music companies, prominently Sony, significantly influenced the establishment of DEV_IS. These collaborations not only grant Cover access to new resources but also broaden their network of skilled performers. It’s a symbiotic relationship where DEV_IS expands musical offerings and tests innovative ideas while remaining true to Cover’s fundamental mission.

What This Means for Fans 

As a devoted fan, the advent of DEV_IS has ignited an exhilarating anticipation for the future, promising a multitude of positive impacts within our community:

  • More Variety and Collaborations: DEV_IS’ emphasis on music broadens the spectrum of content we can revel in. It paves the way for breathtaking collaborations between DEV_IS and established singers like Suisei, Azki, and Calli, presenting an endless array of creative combinations that can grace our ears.
  • Diverse Interaction Opportunities: The reserved personalities of the DEV_IS members create a canvas for unique dynamics among the group. Envision an entertaining drinking stream with Raden guiding Sora or the intriguing interplay between Ririka’s aloof demeanor and Korone’s eccentric energy—a wealth of engaging possibilities.
  • Testing Ground for Future vSinger Ventures: Should DEV_IS garner success, it could mark the genesis of more Vsinger-focused groups by Cover. This branch serves as an invaluable testing ground, allowing them to gauge interest, refine strategies, and work out any imperfections before embarking on permanent ventures.
  • Complementary, Not Replacement: A pivotal aspect to underline is that DEV_IS is designed to complement existing branches, not displace them. Our beloved oshis and cherished streams will endure, and this addition only enriches the kaleidoscope of enjoyment available to us.
  • Appealing to Underserved Audiences: By reaching out to both mainstream and female fans, DEV_IS injects fresh perspectives into Hololive, enriching the tapestry and fostering an inviting atmosphere for all enthusiasts.

The trajectory of DEV_IS is unpredictable, yet for a fan deeply invested in the success and creative evolution of VTubers, I am beyond thrilled to fasten my seatbelt and immerse myself in this thrilling journey!

Wrapping Up

In the end, I believe the formation of the DEV_IS branch allows Cover to expand its musical offerings, experiment with new concepts, target underserved audiences, and add more variety and collabs — all while staying true to Hololive’s core identity

It’s a smart strategic move that fills missing niches and opens up new creative possibilities. DEV_IS may or may not find huge mainstream success. But as a fan, I’m excited to see them carve out a unique path that complements the existing branches we know and love.

No matter what happens, it’s sure to be a fun journey! The DEV_IS girls have already captured my heart with their stellar debuts. I can’t wait to watch them grow into their roles and deliver amazing music and content. 

Hololive just keeps finding ways to surprise me, even after all these years. Here’s to many more wild rides ahead! Yagoo’s dream lives on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are they a separate branch instead of just Hololive JP Gen 7?

DEV_IS has a distinct musical focus and targets a different demographic, warranting its separate branch to establish a unique identity and carve out its own niche.

Don’t we already have enough music VTubers like Suisei and AZKi? 

While Hololive boasts incredible musical talents, DEV_IS stands out by concentrating on music collaboration and performance, encapsulating a more idol-like essence through their uniforms and style.

Who are the DEV_IS members? 

A: The first generation of DEV_IS comprises Kanade, Raden, Ririka, Hajime, and Ao, each contributing with their unique skills and personalities.

Will DEV_IS members interact with Hololive? 

Yes, being under the Hololive umbrella, DEV_IS members will regularly collaborate with other Hololive talents, sparking excitement among fans for creative interactions.

Does this replace INNK Music?

In a way, yes. DEV_IS fills the musical niche that INNK Music previously occupied, focusing on a musically driven subgroup.

Are there auditions for DEV_IS? 

Specific details are unknown, but given the displayed talent, Cover likely maintains a selective approach. Auditions may be held for future generations.

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