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Filian VTuber Face Reveal & Everything You Need To Know!

Despite being a relatively new VTuber, Filian has seen tremendous growth in the recent few years. I mean, in just almost two years, she has touched the heights of fame that some can only dream of.

And there’s a reason for this remarkable growth—she’s entertaining, has a good heart, and absolutely chaotic, which her fans love about her. So, she deserves every bit of success that comes her way. With that much success and such a huge following, it’s obvious why many of her fans want to know her more personally and want to know how she looks in real life.

In this article, we’ll share her success story, her face-revealing photo, and everything else that you might be interested to find out. So, read on!

Filian VTuber Face Reveal & Everything You Need To Know!

Who Is Filian?

Filian is an independent furry VTuber from North America. She produces English content and goes by the names “VTuber alpha” and “VTuber in training”. Although she hasn’t had her big debut yet, she’s been hanging out on Twitch since April 18, 2021.

But here’s her intro (Well, kind of an intro): Take a look for yourself:

Filian’s funny intro

So here’s the deal: Filian loves those fruit snacks, flipping around for them like a catgirl. But that’s not all—she’s also the ultimate top-tier TTS bot, and you’ll catch her letting out those classic gremlin vibes. And guess what? All of that, plus a sprinkle of heart attacks, makes up her epic stream sessions!

When she’s live, you’re in for a treat. Filian’s diving into VRChat, tackling a range of variety games, and taking everyone along for the wild ride as she spirals into glorious insanity.

Filian’s Face Revealed

VTubers, more often than not, like to hide their faces and their real-life identities. I mean, that’s the thing that really separates a VTuber from an average streamer. And hiding their faces is the whole point of coming into VTubing, right?

While most do hide their faces and how their bodies look in real-life, some are exceptions to this rule. As an example, check out this post where we shared a list of 13 VTubers who revealed their faces.

Anyways, like these 13 VTubers, Filian also revealed how she looks in real life. During a stream, she Googled herself and went through the images section of the search result.

That’s where she stumbled upon a SoundCloud result with supposedly her picture on it. She closed the tab in a hurry, as she didn’t want the stream to see the result. So Filian revealed her face by accident.

I mean, knowing Filian, it could very well be a planned rickroll, but the way she acted was totally sus. And that’s what makes me believe that it was actually her or at least someone she knew.

Here’s what Filian looks like in real life if you believe that she wasn’t really trolling:

Filian revealed her face in real life
Filian revealed her face in real life

Sadly, that’s the only face-revealing photo of Filian on the internet. We hope that someday she reveals more of her IRL photos. If that’s really her photo, she’s beautiful, and we’d love more of these as her fans.

Her Personality

Filian bursts onto the streaming scene with a ton of energy, rocking a super cheerful and confident vibe. Despite being a full-fledged adult, she’s all about that immature humor, pulling off pranks like a boss, and just not taking life too darn seriously.

Oh, and let’s not forget her special talent for being gloriously clumsy—she’s like a magnet for walls and objects, and the floor might as well be her BFF.

What’s super cool about Filian is that she’s all about that family-friendly goodness. No cursing or lewd stuff here! But don’t let that fool you—she’s got a daring streak a mile wide.

Brace yourself for some crazy “punishments” that involve making a total spectacle of herself in public VR Chat worlds, chowing down on weird food combos, firing off self-deprecating tweets, and more. Filian’s a wild one, and her streams are a rollercoaster you won’t want to miss!

Filian’s Appearance

Filian shakes things up with different VTuber models as a VR Chat streamer. But there are two that steal the spotlight—Mint (also known as Lil’ Fil) and Rindo.

And guess what? She’s totally customized these cuties to rock a consistent color scheme. Filian’s a catgirl flaunting white hair that might vary in length, but always looks rad. Her eyes? A killer violet shade. She’s pint-sized and slim, so much so that during a PO Box stream, she slipped into kids’ clothes like they were tailor-made for her.

Mint & Rindo: Filian's both VTuber models.
Mint & Rindo: Filian’s both VTuber models.

Now, the star of the show is Rindo, her current go-to model. And oh boy, does Rindo have a wardrobe! Filian switches outfits like a pro, sometimes flaunting a bunch of them in a single stream. Check out this lineup:

  • Japanese-style threads with sleeves on the loose
  • Classic sailor-fuku school uniform
  • Sleek long-sleeve black sportswear
  • Serve-and-volley tennis costume
  • Japanese girls’ gym uniform, you know it
  • Hip-hop vibes, costume style
  • Super cute cat onesie
  • Gotcha covered with the winter hood
  • Race Queen getup, vroom vroom
  • V-neck sweater paired with a slick hat
  • Business suit for those power moves
  • A one-piece dress that slays
  • An elbow-sleeve shirt with a plaid skirt, trendy much?
  • Keeping the peace as a police officer
  • Fall feels with an autumn outfit
  • Dare we say it, a bikini (rare sighting alert!)
  • Maid mode: on, with that classic costume
  • Bunnygirl fun, because why not?

But guess what’s coming next? After her official debut, Filian’s got a super custom model in the works, made just for her.

Her Content

Breaking the VTuber mold, Filian likes to stream with full-body tracking. Instead of staying glued to one spot like a regular webcam stream, she’s a whirlwind of movement, dancing around the screen and throwing down some seriously impressive gymnastic stunts.

She’s all about the action, using interactive bits like VR Chat games to keep things lively. Speaking of VR Chat, that’s her main playground – she’s almost always strutting her stuff there.

Her jam? It’s all about the games, with a dash of streamer challenges that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. Think “You Laugh – You Lose,” “You Scream – You Lose,” and all those other wild challenges that lead to some randomly picked “punishments.” Yep, she’s all about keeping it spicy!

But that’s not where the fun ends. Filian’s a master of variety, constantly mixing things up. She’s hosted VTuber gameshows, rocked a talent show, whipped up deliciousness in an IRL cooking stream (handcam style), cracked open her PO Box for the world, and even dished out VTuber news.

Collaboration? You bet! She loves hanging out with fellow streamers and getting her audience involved in the content creation game. Her fans like sending her the most “cursed” presentations, videos, and pics for her hilarious review sessions.

Oh, and don’t forget the “Guess the viewer” game based on their answers to some tricky questions. This catgirl is the most unique, the most unexpected, and downright entertaining.

Filian’s Rise To Fame

Before diving into the world of streaming, Filian was just chilling in VR Chat, spending quality time with her pals.

Filian loosing her mind in VR Chat

But you know what’s cool? Her friends saw her potential and gave her the nudge she needed to jump into the streaming scene (Now we know who to thank for bringing this chaotic catgirl into our lives).

And the rest, as they say, is history! Speaking of history, here’s how her career went from the start to where she’s right now—at the top of her fame and still growing:

Milestones Unlocked by Filian in 2021: From Twitch Newbie To Partner Pro

On April 18, Filian’s streaming adventure began on Twitch. Just a few months later, on July 27, she proudly achieved affiliate status, unlocking a world of subs, emotes, and more.

The excitement didn’t stop there; on October 27, Filian took it up a notch and entered into a partnership with Twitch. And the surprises kept coming! Marking November 5 on the calendar, she dropped a bombshell by announcing her very first subathon.

The momentum was real, as by November 11, Filian had celebrated a massive milestone: crossing the 10,000 followers mark on Twitch. The journey continues, and her streaming success story keeps evolving.

2022: From Followers To Play Buttons

Filian’s journey in the streaming universe has been nothing short of remarkable. On February 3, the fireworks went off as she hit the incredible milestone of 50,000 followers on Twitch. And the good times kept rolling, with March 6 marking the celebration of 100,000 followers on the same platform.

But her success didn’t stop there—YouTube also felt her impact. March 21 was a pivotal day when her hard work paid off with a whopping 100,000 subscribers, earning her a prestigious Silver Play Button.

Breaking boundaries, on May 16, Filian made an announcement—she was now a full-time streamer, dedicating herself fully to her passion.

And then, the crown jewel in her journey—September 28 brought the ultimate milestone: 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube, rewarded with a coveted Gold Play Button.

The year wrapped up on a high note as well. December 13 marked the occasion of her conquering 500,000 followers on Twitch, solidifying her position as a powerhouse in the streaming world. Filian’s journey is an inspiration, and her achievements continue to shine brightly as she shapes her digital legacy.

2023: Filian’s Impactful Moves & Heartfelt Streams

Filian isn’t just a streamer; she’s a force of positive change. On February 21, her charity stream illuminated hearts, benefiting Heart Health and Disease research. A stunning $50,380 was raised to support this noble cause.

March 29 brought an exciting twist—Filian announced her first-ever handcam IRL stream. This step into the real world showcased a new dimension to her content.

May 2 marked a strategic move as she joined forces with Mythic Talent management group—a step toward even greater horizons.
Then, on May 31, her Twitch family celebrated another win—600,000 followers strong. This milestone was a testament to the growing bond between her and her community.

July 12 shone even brighter, with her YouTube channel achieving a remarkable milestone—2,000,000 subscribers. Her content resonates, and her influence knows no bounds. Filian’s journey continues to be one of inspiration and achievement, setting a shining example in the streaming world.

Her Fanbase

In Filian’s world, fans aren’t just followers—they’re a vibrant part of her journey. The Snackers, affectionately named after her passion for Welch’s® Original Fruit Snacks®, form the heart of her community.

But there’s a twist! Enter The Smackers, a playful term coined by Filian for those “weirdos in chat” who embrace their quirks. Sometimes, these titles blend together to represent the diverse tapestry of her fans.

The Snackers have showcased their creativity in full force. From painting projects to safeguarding pixel art on OTK Network’s online canvas, they’ve left their mark in unique ways.

Their efforts bore fruit as these creations, including depictions of Filian and fellow VTubers, will soon shine bright in Times Square, NYC. Filian’s fanbase isn’t just a label; it’s a dynamic group that paints her journey with colors of passion, creativity, and unity.

Interesting Facts About Filian

Grab your seat as we get into the multi-faceted world of Filian, where everything from quirky quotes to gaming escapades forms the colorful fabric of her streaming universe.

Quirky Alerts & Unintended Quotes 

Filian’s default alert sound, “Whenever, whenever, whenever, poggy woggy,” stems from a chat message distraction while speaking. The full quote humorously goes, “Whenever, whenever, whenever, poggy woggy, whenever I drop them through the bottom of the world, they kill me half the time on their way down.”

Whenever, whenever, whenever, poggy woggy

Vocal Adventures In Alerts

“TJAAAY,” one of her popular sound alerts, is her own voice. Some compare her voice to Toad from the Super Mario universe, adding a unique charm to her streams.

A Snack Passion & A Missed Partnership

Her favorite food, Welch’s® Original Fruit Snacks®, holds a special place in her streams. Despite their prominence, the company never partnered with Filian, despite being featured as emotes, sub badges, and even her fan-base name.

Navigating ADHD & Staying Active

Filian openly shares her self-styled “HDMI” – ADHD. It makes it tough for her to focus on one thing. Her stream mirrors her active lifestyle: she loves dancing, exercise and maintains a healthy eating habit. Alcohol is rarely in her life.

Love Life & Furry Allergies

While she hasn’t been in a serious relationship, Filian openly discusses her love life. She’s allergic to furry animals like cats, dogs, and rabbits, so she doesn’t have pets. She’s interested in keeping a pet snake instead.

Breaking Bounds & Streaming Fun 

Filian’s energetic streams sometimes lead to broken or disconnected equipment, including VR trackers and props. Her streams are action-packed!

Past & Passion for Health

Before becoming a full-time VTuber, she pursued college and had a job. She’s surprisingly knowledgeable about health, biology, and the human body. She can decipher complex health effects, like caffeine overdoses.

Cooking Challenges & Laughter Therapy

Filian’s cooking skills are… questionable. Her fans sent her cookbooks to help her out in a PO Box stream. She’s also easily amused, laughing at simple, silly, and humorous content.

Spooky & Scary Ventures

Basic horror and certain screams, like Charlie “MoistCr1TiKaL”‘s, can easily spook her. Even donating 20 subscriptions to lower the scream’s volume didn’t stop it from scaring her. She’s equally easily amused and scared.

Mind & Moves On Display

Filian’s chess skills are at a basic level, but she once played a bullet chess game, gaining the upper hand until accidentally stalemating her opponent after promoting a queen.

Feats & Achievements

Filian is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish (with some difficulty). Her handstand record stands at an impressive 31 seconds. She aims to learn Japanese to tap into Japan’s vibrant VTubing scene.

Wrapping Up: Filian VTuber Face Revealed

There you have it! We shared everything there is to know about Filian. You learned how she reached the height of fame where she’s standing tall today. We also shared her potential real-life photo.

We hope that you like it. If you did, we did another piece where we shared Gura’s past identity and how she looks in real life. So, if you are a fan, do check that out!

That’s all, folks!


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