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Gawr Gura Face Reveal, Past Identity, & More

If you’re a fan of VTubers, chances are you’ve heard of Gawr Gura (がうる・ぐら), the adorable and talented shark girl who has taken the virtual world by storm.

But who is she really? In this article, we’ll dive deep into Gawr Gura’s mystery, explore her personality and impressive accomplishments, and even uncover some intriguing clues about her past identity.

So, buckle up and get ready to swim with the sharks as we unravel the enigma that is Gawr Gura! But before we start, have you ever wondered what she looks like in real life? We’ve got some juicy details on that, too, so keep reading to find out!

gawr gura vtuber

Who Is Gawr Gura?

Gawr Gura (がうる・ぐら) is a female Virtual YouTuber. She primarily speaks English and is associated with hololive, a virtual idol agency. She debuted in 2020 as part of the hololive English first-generation “-Myth-“.

Gura did that along with Ninomae Ina’nis, Takanashi Kiara, Watson Amelia, and Mori Calliope. Gura has gained immense popularity and is currently the most subscribed VTuber worldwide with over 4 million YouTube subscribers. She surpassed industry pioneer Kizuna AI in 2021 to claim the #1 spot in terms of subscriber count.

Gura’s debut stream

Her Personality

Gura is famous for her friendly and approachable personality, which makes her instantly likable to her viewers. She often entertains them with her silly antics, though she struggles with basic tasks. She has a poor sense of direction, frequently misspells and mispronounces words, and sometimes forgets her own age. Despite these quirks, her viewers affectionately call her a “dum shark” and appreciate her genuine and endearing nature.

One of her viewers described her as having a “heart of gold and a head of the bone.” Although she can be forgetful and occasionally lazy, sometimes letting perishable items go bad, she has a quick wit and cleverness that shine through. She possesses a wealth of knowledge about Shark Facts, which she enthusiastically shares with her audience.

One of Gura’s notable skills is her exceptional talent in fast-paced rhythm games, showcasing her ambition and determination. She is also familiar with modern meme culture and often references it in her content. Despite occasionally making lewd jokes, Gura’s overall content is lighthearted and enjoyable, as she charms her viewers with her unique personality and entertaining antics.

Gura Face Reveal

After a lot of digging through the internet, we finally found the character the person behind Gura used to play before becoming our favorite VTuber, Gawr Gura. She’s potentially the same person behind the famous VTube celebrity, Senzawa. (More on that later in this article.)

And luckily, we were able to find her face-revealing photos. Here’s what Gura looks like in real life:

Gura in real life
Gura in real life

Even though she’s wearing a mask in this particular photo, her stunning beauty still shines through. Here’s a photo where her entire face is revealed:

Gura's face reveal
Gura’s face reveal

She looks incredibly cute and charming with those adorable bunny ears! Let’s make sure to protect this precious bunny! Although she’s a shark now and might not need our protection. On the other hand, if she’s furious, we might need to get to some kind of shelter!

Gura IRL
Gura IRL
Gawr Gura real face
Gawr Gura real face
Gura looking smoking hot
Gura looks smoking hot

Gura has got it all: a gorgeous face, a stunning body, and the lifespan of a sea goddess! Her impressive physique indicates that she takes good care of herself and works out.

Gawr Gura’s Past Identity

Rumor has it that the person behind Gawr Gura is the same as the one behind Senzawa, who suddenly disappeared from the VTubing scene.

Let’s closely examine the similarities between the two, including their behaviors, voices, and subtle hints in their VTuber models, among others.

Note that I am skeptical of these claims, so take them with a grain of salt. We’ll thoroughly explore each link between them to hopefully uncover the truth behind this perplexing mystery. Let’s begin!

Evidence # 1: Their Voice

One of the fascinating pieces of evidence is undoubtedly their voices. Interestingly, Gura has covered the same song that Senzawa covered, titled “Country Road.” Here are clips of both covers:

Gura’s covers Country Roads
Senzawa did a cover of the song Country Road while drunk.

Indeed, the similarity in their voices is noticeable. Let’s move on to the next piece of evidence for further analysis.

Evidence # 2: Similar Content & Models

Senzawa has used a VTuber model in the past with a similar style to what hololive members, including Gawr Gura, use today.

Both models feature anime girls of similar stature. Here are images of both Senzawa’s and Gawr Gura’s VTuber models for comparison:

Gura's VTuber model
Gura’s VTuber model
Senzawa's VTuber model
Senzawa’s VTuber model

The similarity in VTuber models alone may not be conclusive evidence, as many VTubers have similar styles or character designs. We must consider other factors and not rely solely on visual similarities when evaluating conspiracy theories.

While it may be a point of discussion within the community, let’s approach it with critical thinking and not jump to conclusions without further evidence. Let’s explore other aspects to gain a more comprehensive understanding of this mystery.

Evidence # 3: Gura’s Debut Date

The timing of Gawr Gura’s debut and Senzawa’s last activity on her channel is indeed noteworthy. The fact that Senzawa stopped posting on her channel shortly before Gawr Gura’s debut on September 13, 2020, and the similarities in their disappearance from the online scene align with a pattern observed in other cases of VTubers joining hololive.

This pattern involves completely abandoning their previous characters or, in extreme cases, purging their existence from the internet.

The example of Amelia Watson, who is speculated to be Sachiowo, another VTuber who disappeared from the internet just before Amelia Watson’s launch, further adds to the theory.

It appears to be too much of a coincidence that Senzawa and Gawr Gura share a similar pattern in their debut and graduation dates.

Evidence # 4: The Similarities Behind Their Characters

As we all know, Gura’s character is a shark. But guess what? Senzawa’s character and profile picture are actually based on Kawina, a character from the anime “Hinako Note,” who is associated with sharks.

Can you believe it? It’s like they share this shark connection! This adds another intriguing layer to the conspiracy theory, doesn’t it?

Evidence # 5: The Hair Theory + Some Small Details

It’s hard to ignore how strikingly similar Senzawa and Gawr Gura look! Their resemblance is uncanny!

The similarities in Gura and Senzawa's looks.
The similarities in Gura and Senzawa’s looks.

The main difference in their appearances seems to be their hair. Senzawa rocks a dark blue hue, while Gawr Gura’s hair is white with light blue highlights. But here’s where it gets interesting—the white hair almost looks like it could be bleached as if it’s not her natural color.

Another intriguing similarity between Senzawa and Gawr Gura is their emotional connection to the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” It’s quite fascinating how both of them have expressed their fondness for this particular song.

Gura Gawr covering “Can’t help falling in Love.”
Senzawa’s cover of the song “Can’t help falling in Love.”

The Final Verdict

Coming to a definitive conclusion on this mystery might indeed be challenging. As for my own answer, considering all the evidence mentioned above, I would say that it’s highly likely, around 85% sure, that Senzawa is actually Gura. However, as a fan, does this conspiracy theory really matter?

What’s truly important is enjoying the content created by these legends, whether they are Senzawa or Gura. In fact, if we consider for a moment that this theory is true, we should appreciate the journey of Senzawa/Gura from being a legendary sh*tposter to becoming a VTube icon!

Her Lore

Gura hails from Atlantis, a legendary lost underwater city. During her first solo stream on September 13, 2020, where she played the shark simulator game Maneater, Gura mentioned that Atlantis did not have French fries, so she’s not interested in returning.

During a discussion in the Fish Tank, Gura disclosed that Atlantis has been absent for thousands of years, leaving behind only ruins. However, visiting them is challenging due to the high ocean pressure at that depth. Ame hopes to visit Atlantis one day when the flat earth “tips over” and all the water spills out, referencing a joke from one of her streams.

Gawr Gura’s lore

Gura is a shark girl with gills on the sides of her torso, as depicted in the original animation “Shark’d.” She names her own species “Gura shark” and has joked that “Gura” stands for “Giant Underwater Rubber Animal” during one of her Fall Guys streams.

While she’s not sure of her exact shark species, Gura speculates that she may be a descendant of one of the big sharks, such as Megalodon, great white, or salmon shark (her favorite type of shark).

Her chat often witnesses a clapping sound, which they think is the sound of her tail thrashing around excitedly.

Gura explains that her tail has stitches from an event long ago. A boulder trapped it underneath itself in an underwater ravine. But she cannot recall how she got the bite marks on her tail.

Interestingly, Gura’s skin remains unwrinkled, regardless of how long she stays in the bath.

The Life In Atlantis

Laws are not as prevalent as in modern nations in Atlantis, but punishments are harsh, including public executions at a colosseum. Gura once described witnessing a megalodon eating a person alive. There was a significant conflict that occurred about 3,000 to 4,000 years ago involving seashells, though details are unclear.

Various underwater species inhabit Atlantis, including giant hermit crabs that engage in racing and move surprisingly quickly and lobster people.

The food in Atlantis is healthy but mundane, mainly consisting of fish and seaweed.

Also, it is not common for people to wear clothes. Gura caused a stir when she first arrived on the surface, as she bought her outfit at a beachside store and paid in seashells and sand.

Gawr Gura’s Age

Gura often struggles to remember her own age, and she has been given different ages in various streams. During her debut stream, she initially stated her age as “somewhere in the 9,000s” and settled on 9,361, but then immediately forgot and chose 9,927 instead. In another stream, she entered her age as “99” because the system only accepted two digits.

She has also given ages such as 4,295, 9,485, 9,492, 9,655, and 9,600 in different streams and birthday celebrations. Gura often references the meme “It’s over 9,000!” from Dragonball Z when talking about her age, indicating that she likes to playfully joke about her age being in the thousands.

Gura forgets her age..again!!!

Her Likes & Dislikes

The following is what our favorite shark VTuber likes and dislikes. Try to remember her dislikes the next time you are in her chat to avoid her wrath.

  • Gura likes food and enjoys a hobby called “PWWIE” (people watching without intent to eat) in Atlantis, but claims humans don’t taste good.
  • Her favorite food is salmon, and she also likes pizza, McDonald’s hamburgers, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and baby food. She has misspelled salmon as “salman.”
  • Gura’s favorite games are Muse Dash, Taiko no Tatsujin, Rhythm Heaven, Borderlands, and Resident Evil. She also enjoyed playing Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue during her childhood.
  • She likes Konosuba and has read the first volume on stream in partnership with Bookwalker, serving as an audiobook for her audience since the series has yet to have an English release.
  • Gura has an affinity for cowboy and wild west culture, including ranch animals, instruments like banjos, and a preference for revolvers and six-shooters.
  • She dislikes hot sand and is afraid of people hearing her stomach noises, which she initially described as “loud stomak” in her debut stream.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Gura’s favorite type of shark, other than herself, is the salmon shark.
  • She is close friends with Watson Amelia and often collaborates with her.
  • Gura stated she would prefer to take Amelia’s last name if they were married, as “Watson” sounds more like a family name than “Gawr.”
  • Gura streamed from Amelia’s house and had an unarchived off-collab karaoke with her on June 20, 2022.
  • She dislikes wearing pants and has joked about “BAN PANTS!” on stream, but has also mentioned that skirts don’t bother her as much due to her shark tail.

Her Antics

Gura is famous for her mathematical miscalculations and poor sense of direction. She has made several errors in her streams, such as stating that 9+10 equals 11, miscalculating dates, and getting basic multiplication wrong. She also struggles with left and right directions, once leading her fellow hololive EN members in the wrong direction in a Minecraft collab due to misreading a map.

Gura struggling with math

Gura has had issues with misspelling and mispronouncing words in the past, including misspelling “salmon” as “salman” and mispronouncing “almond milk” as “Ame milk.” However, her spelling has improved in recent streams, though she can still stumble over her words at times.

She has a habit of jinxing herself, often making statements that backfire immediately after. For example, in Among Us, she says, “Somebody kills someone! Not me, right?” before killing herself. However, she is becoming aware of her jinxing and sometimes uses it to her advantage in games like Mario Kart.

Gura has had some memorable incidents, such as the “Naked Gura Incident,” where she accidentally appeared without clothes during a stream, and a “Bathtub Pizza” stream where she showed up naked, thinking people on land don’t wear clothes all the time due to her belief that people from Atlantis don’t wear clothes underwater.

Despite her quirks, Gura is affectionately referred to as “Same-chan” by Japanese audiences and has won over her fellow hololive members with her cuteness and kindness. She has received special messages and support from her peers, and her fans find her endearing despite her occasional mishaps.

Wrapping Up: Gawr Gura Face Reveal

Gawr Gura is famous for her friendly personality, entertaining content, and exceptional talent in rhythm games. While there have been speculations about her past identity, we must approach such claims with critical thinking and respect her privacy.

Whether she’s Senzawa or not, Gura’s charm and talent continue to captivate her audience and make her a prominent figure in the virtual idol community.

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That’s all, folks!


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