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Dacapo VTuber’s Face Reveal & The Complete Concert Drama

You know what’s epic about the VTubing scene? It’s getting more diverse and entertaining by the day. People from everywhere are jumping in, and dang, they’re totally crushing it!

Dacapo is one such VTuber who comes from Thailand and streams in Thai (relatively, there aren’t a lot of people who speak this language), yet he is one of the fastest VTubers to reach 100k subscribers. And, by the looks of it, he’s still growing pretty fast!

But nowadays, one can’t really call themselves a VTuber and not be a part of some sort of controversy (whether it’s their own slip-ups or just some seriously bad luck).

And Dacapo is no different—he has recently been a part of a huge controversy that broke the internet. And to be honest, it wasn’t even his own fault.

In this article, we’ll share what really happened at that concert that got him this much hate you see on the internet. And we’ll also share the details about Dacapo’s face reveal at that concert (if he really did it or not). So, read on!

Dacapo VTuber's Face Reveal & The Complete Concert Drama

Who Is Dacapo?

Dacapo is a Thai male VTuber, who mostly streams in the Siamese language and belongs to the Algorhythm Project, repping 25 stars, owned by Realic Production. ARP is a Thai Virtual talent agency, home to a team of Virtual YouTubers. The name is a sweet blend of “algorithm” and “rhythm,” showing their connection to music.

Their gig? Bringing diverse talents together, rocking live streams, and jamming out for the fans. As of June 21, 2023, they’ve got 25 hot talents on board, and guess who’s leading the pack? Yup, it’s Dacapo (he’s the most subscribed VTuber in that agency).

The dude hit a whopping 100k subs in just 18 days, breaking records left and right. For reference, it took YuChan/Yu Estella Kiramek 80 days to hit that milestone after their debut, but Dacapo seems to have the most charisma.

A viral clip was the catalyst for Dacapo’s rise, grabbing eyeballs and an audience bigger than ever!

Dacapo introduces himself

The Dacapo Concert Drama

Dacapo dropped a cover of ‘Shinunogaiwa.’ That’s where the party started! Things got wild when a Twitter user (now vanished, tweet and all) shared a TikTok clip poking fun at Decapo’s concert. They hinted that it might not be worth the ticket price because the whole thing seemed, well, “protected” (or was it “projected”? Guess we’ll never know!).

The tweet caught fire faster than you can say “viral.” In just 24 to 48 hours, it was everywhere. People were talking, retweeting, and debating whether it was shade or just a hilarious misunderstanding.

The Clip

A snippet of that whole deal, about a minute and 20 seconds long, makes its debut on TikTok. Cue the mock fest—people taking shots at the dude behind the cover and his fans. Then, it hops onto Twitter, where the mockery really took a turn for the worse.

Other YouTubers decide to join the party. Some are in it for the giggles; others seem to smell publicity in the air. Why? Who knows, but it’s happening.

A bunch of YouTubers step up, defending this Thai YouTuber (Dacapo, remember?). The gist of what most said was, “Maybe don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.” It’s turning into a battle over who’s on whose side.

Dacapo’s performance

Dacapo’s Response

Dacapo breaks the silence with a tweet that gets over 30,000 likes! In the tweet, they’re talking about meeting mean people versus kind people. The translation might not be on point, but it seems like they’re saying they appreciate kind souls way more and that meeting them is like seeing something incredible for the first time. Or at least, that’s the gist of it.

The responses were lit—ironmouse, Luna Cross, Merryweather, Shoto, Zion Z, echo, Arina Hoshimi, Musagi, and Bao—all dishing out major praise and support. It’s heartwarming, right?

But, in the midst of this dope wave of positivity, there were a few YouTubers out there throwing shade at Dacapo while they were in the hot seat. Total bummer when negativity crashes a good vibe.

Back in the day, shows were all about that in-person vibe—mingling with the bands, sometimes throwing back a drink together post-gig. So, when I see V-tubers hosting shows without physically showing up, it’s kind of throwing me off. I get it, keeping the mask on and all, but it’s definitely a different groove from what I’m used to. No hate, just an adjustment to the new scene.

The Ultra-Negativity

Back to the main plot—there’s this one tweet from a YouTuber that got me feeling some type of way. We have to call out negativity, especially when it’s crashing a positive party.

Twitter trolls doing what they do best
Twitter trolls doing what they do best.

So, one YouTuber went all out, essentially saying, “This is how you rock a proper YouTuber concert,” flexing some expensive VR gear, then throwing shade at Dacapo. Not cool, right?

Responses flew in, some defending Dacapo’s vibe while others clapped back at the original poster. They argued about VR gear costs and the whole 3D vs. live performance deal. But honestly, dropping a “this is the proper way” line in the midst of Dacapo’s viral hate storm feels super shady. Missed opportunity for a more positive take, right?

Content creators trolling Dacapo over his concert

Sadly, it’s not just this one YouTuber. Others also took shots at Dacapo during their viral Twitter and TikTok roasting sessions. Come on, when someone’s already getting tons of hate, being opportunistic and meme-ing at their expense feels low.

One YouTuber, Taiga Chamma, stepped in, calling out the mockery and defending Dacapo’s free fan-centric show. Turns out, there was misinformation about the entry fee to the convention where Dacapo performed—300 isn’t in USD, and the concert itself was free. Clearing the air here!

And get this: some peeps online went wild, calling out Taiga Chamma for defending Dacapo and even accusing them of being racist. Total stretch, right? Racism’s a no-go zone, and these accusations were just plain absurd.

One YouTuber who dissed Dacapo got hit back with racist messages. Not cool, folks—not cool at all.

What Should We Do?

Dacapo’s been through a lot with viral hate threads and diss tracks, and YouTubers jumping in on the hate train isn’t a good look. But sadly, that’s the current state of the internet today.

At the end of the day, it’s about rolling with the changes while keeping the core values of respect and support in our community. Adjusting takes time, but it’s all about keeping that positive energy flowing and celebrating each other’s talents and passions.

Did Dacapo Reveal His Face During His Concert?

Dicapo was a master at keeping things under wraps while streaming. They never let their IRL identity slip, playing the mystery card like a pro. Instead of dropping any face reveals, they revealed their VTuber avatar’s eyes at the concert, leaving the audience hyped and guessing.

While most streamers are all about that face-to-cam connection, Dacapo, as all VTubers do, flipped the script, choosing to keep it low-key and enigmatic. Their VTuber model became the face of the concert, but it was all about those glimpses of the eyes—their signature move.

Dacapo revealing his face
Dacapo reveals his face.

Everyone was waiting for that face reveal (or at least him being there IRL, even with a face mask on); Dacapo’s choice to keep it hidden added a whole new level of intrigue. Those eyes became the focal point, expressing emotions and drawing the audience in without giving away the true identity behind the avatar.

Revealing only a part of their VTuber, they sparked debates, speculation, and tons of admiration for their commitment to keeping it all under wraps.

Those eye reveals weren’t just about visuals; they became a language, communicating emotions and connecting with the concert attendees in a way that went beyond regular streams. As soon as he revealed his eyes, everyone present there went gaga over it.

Here’s what happened when Dacapo revealed his eyes at that concert:

Dacapo without the hair over his eyes.

Wrapping Up

During all the craziness, as his fans, let’s keep Dacapo’s vibe strong! Ignore the haters, shine a light on talent, and pump up the positivity in the community.

We have to back each other up, chat constructively, and give space for things to settle. Together, we’ll keep those good vibes going strong and ride out this storm with solid support.

And remember: Although we can’t really wait to see what our favorite VTuber, Dacapo, looks like in real life, we should respect his privacy and let him cook more content for us just the way he feels comfortable.

We hope that you liked this post, and if you did, check out this one: 13 famous VTubers’ faces revealed (you’d love it!).

That’s all, folks!


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