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Kage | VTuber Face Reveal, Interesting Facts & More!

VTubing’s blowing up! The scene is wild and diverse, with new VTubers dropping every day from all kinds of genders, races, countries—you name it. But only a handful really represent that diversity, like Kage (more on that later).

His background is so diverse, it has got his viewers guessing! More and more subs are dying to know what he’s really like, how he looks IRL, his faves, his pet peeves—everything!

Fans are connecting the dots and sharing theories. The excitement’s palpable—everyone’s holding their breath for that big face reveal.

And that’s what you’ll find here today! In this article, we’ll share Kage’s face and body-revealing photos (spoiler alert: he’s buff!). You’ll also learn his likes, dislikes, lore, and more! So, read on.

Kage VTuber Face Reveal, Interesting Facts & More!

Who Is Kage?

Kage, who used to go by CaptHokage, is totally crushing it as an independent American VTuber. This content creator has some serious skills and vibes!

Kage’s channel is a goldmine for Twitch highlights, especially from his epic gaming streams. But it’s not just gaming—this VTuber also dips his toes into reacting to subreddits and even dares to take on some seriously spicy food challenges.

Kage’s most popular YouTube video

On June 18, 2022, he dropped his very first original track, “Growth.” Major hype moment!

When Kage’s live on Twitch, you can catch him playing games like Outlast, Fall Guys, and Genshin Impact and immersing himself in Sinister Squidward’s world. He also has those chill chatting sessions and reaction streams. Kage is really bringing that diverse content to keep most of us fans entertained, for sure!

Kage’s got that mixed heritage—half Japanese, half Vietnamese, and a touch of Korean in the mix. His height is 6’0. Before getting into streaming, this guy was on the path to being a doctor and had a bachelor’s degree.

Kage VTuber Face Reveal

Like most VTubers, Kage isn’t into showing his face publicly. But he isn’t that shy, either. Kage has partially revealed his face on Instagram. Here are all the photos from his Instagram showing his face:

Kage face revealed
Kage’s face revealed
Kage face and body revealed
Kage’s face and body revealed

Huh!? He’s kinda buff! Isn’t he? No wonder he has so many girls drooling over him.

Interesting Facts About Kage

Kage’s language skills are pretty diverse. Fluent in English and casually rocking Japanese and Vietnamese convos, he’s a multi-lingual force. And did you catch his sick Scooby-Doo impression? That’s just one of the tricks up his sleeve that keeps the chat lit and the viewers hyped for more. 

Kage’s go-to grub is Korean BBQ, perfectly complemented by a refreshing cup of boba. And his geeky side? It’s all about Naruto—his top anime obsession—although he’s also got a soft spot for the tactical brilliance of Code Geass. Manga-wise, Seven Deadly Sins has his heart racing with each turn of the page.

Genshin Impact is Kage’s absolute favorite, but don’t let that fool you—he’s a versatile player and enjoys indie games a lot. He also dominates APEX Legends and grinds on Overwatch 2, Call of Duty, and Valorant. And let’s not forget his affection for Ganyu from Genshin Impact, one of his cherished waifus.

When he’s not pwning enemies, Kage relaxes with his favorite flicks, ranging from the epic Star Wars saga to heart-pounding thrillers like Saving Private Ryan, A Quiet Place, and The Conjuring series.

And what gets him in the groove? J-pop tunes are his ultimate musical preference, which keeps his energy high during intense gaming sessions.

Interestingly, Kage’s early days were filled with admiration for the legendary content creator, nigahiga. Even streamers have their fan moments!

Kage’s Lore (Part 1)

In an alternate universe, a peculiar object of unknown origins found its way toward Earth, carrying a living entity within—an entity distinct from Kaguya, marking an era of unfamiliarity.

Kage’s lore

Emergence & Solitude

Upon embedding into Earth’s soil, a young girl emerged from the wreck, unfamiliar with the world around her. Struggling with the sounds of nature, she sought refuge in a cave, spending 300 years growing up in isolation, scavenging for survival.

Encounters & Family Bonds

Forced out of her shelter due to declining resources, she faced a fearsome wolf, realizing its resilience mirrored her own. Parthenogenically gifted, she birthed two children, raising them to cherish family without telling her enigmatic past.

Captivity & Retribution

Their peace was shattered when explorers invaded their cave, leading to a decade of captivity and torment as they were put on display and subjected to cruelty. After losing their mother, the brothers had deep resentment, seeking vengeance against mankind.


Decades of vengeance followed until a chance encounter led to reevaluating their perceptions of humans. A bond formed with a human, prompting thoughts of coexistence and forgiveness, though met with resistance from the wolf.

The Tragedy

Despite attempts at peace, a confrontation with a human escalated, leading to tragedy and forcing the brothers into introspection. They settled in peace but faced a new challenge when a stranger challenged them to a duel, leading to the wolf’s demise and the fox’s imprisonment.


Imprisoned within a boy’s mind, the fox found an ally in the boy, leading to a change of heart and a mission to right past wrongs. As the boy rose to power as Captain Hokage, he sought to break the seal, requiring unity among clans.

Kage’s Love & New Beginnings

Luckily, while fulfilling his responsibilities, Captain Hokage found love and married Lady Luna, marking a new chapter in his life. Yet his quest to break the seal and unite the clans continued, seeking a collective effort to free the imprisoned fox.

So that’s the deal with Captain Hokage, juggling leadership, love, and this quest to unite clans and break this ancient seal.

Kage’s Updated Lore (Part 2)

Fate’s blessing brought Kage face-to-face with his soulmate during a celebration etched in memory. Amidst all the hype, a sneaky conspiracy caught Kage’s eye. A hush-hush meeting dropped a hint about “Storm Blade Power,” triggering mad curiosity and suspicion.

Kage’s lore update

The Storm & The Nerves Kicking In

The celebration didn’t end there. They boarded a ship, sailing towards some major discussions. Kage, a seasoned leader, started feeling the jitters. Even when Luna’s got his back, those nerves were too real. It’s like the storm inside matched the crazy sea outside!

Struggle With The Storm & Chaos Within

Kage battled some serious nerves on that wild sea. Luna’s cheering tried to chill him, but that storm outside? It was chaos. Despite Kage’s efforts, the storm threatened to undo everything he’d toiled for.

Betrayal Strikes & Fallout Hits Hard

Post-storm, Kage got hit hard by some harsh truths. Betrayal went down as soldiers flipped sides, tying him and Luna up. The Black Wolves, a cunning syndicate infiltrating Kage’s village, played their hand, wrecking Kage’s world and sparking clan beef.

Running From The Chaos

With a “Wanted” tag slapped on, Kage and Luna went on the run, dodging trouble and seeking a safe hideout. Hooking up with a trusted uncle, Kage’s crew cooked up a plan to tear down the syndicate, rallying their loyal crew and brewing up a solid resistance movement.

Resistance Rise-Up

Two years of covert efforts paid off big time. A solid resistance gang, with generals, soldiers, and citizens, stood ready to take on the Black Wolves. They prepped for the final showdown with sly moves and sneaky strikes.

Battle Mode: Engaged

Right before the big clash, Kage hyped up his squad, newbies and OGs alike. A hype speech about unity and never backing down echoed loud, amping everyone up to wreck the tyranny.

Unstoppable Resolve

As the final battle loomed, trials transformed him and his squad. Together, they were all set to reclaim their turf, closing one chapter and flipping open a whole new book of destiny.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! All the instances where Kage partially revealed his face! We also shared his likes and dislikes. And we went into the details of his lore.

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