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Silvervale Just Revealed Her Face!? | Interesting Facts & More

Ever wondered what happens when a sprinkle of sweetness meets a dash of spiciness? Silvervale is what happens! She’s the indie VTuber wolf who has wholesome vibes drenched in gaming expertise, served with a side of hair-raising horror reactions.

She’s a puzzle-solving, workaholic dynamo whose heart belongs to her family—especially her trusty sidekick, Mamavale. Her style? Gothic cheerleader chic, because who says you can’t rock garter belts while cracking gaming puzzles?

So it’s no surprise that she’s got a massive fan following (477K followers on Twitch and 370K on her YouTube channel). So, obviously, many of her fans want to know more about her—interesting stuff about her personal life and if she has ever done a face reveal.

That’s exactly what you’ll find here! In this article, we’ll share some interesting facts about her, her career highlights, and see if she ever did a face reveal or not. So, read on!

Silvervale Just Revealed Her Face! Interesting Facts & More

Who Is Silvervale?

Silvervale, the indie English VTuber from the USA, is all about that wholesome vibe and spreading care while throwing in some spicy jokes.

Her goal? Creating a chill, cozy space where everyone feels comfy and can escape the daily grind. She kicked off in 2019 solo before getting on the VShojo train in 2020 but parted ways in April 2023.

Her Personality

Silvervale might be a fierce gamer with a taste for blood in video games, but behind the screen, she’s a sweet, shy soul who avoids conflict and prioritizes her loved ones. Her knack for puzzles is no joke—she goes through them like a pro.

Despite her tenderhearted nature, she’s drawn to horror, even though it often has her screaming, jumping, and peeking through her fingers.

Struggling with being a perfectionist and workaholic, she finds it tough to take breaks from her projects.

And here’s a heartwarming twist: Silvervale and her mom, aka Mamavale, are super tight—her mom even joins in and moderates her streams. Now that’s some serious family support!

Her VTuber Model’s Appearance

Silver’s aesthetic is a blend of pastel sweetness and gothic vibes. Her sky-blue hair at the crown melts into bubblegum pink at the nape, decorated with delicate sakura blossoms by her ear.

Silver’s ears themselves are petal-filled, resembling pink fur, while her fluffy wolf tail matches her hair’s gradient.

Silver's VTuber model
Silver’s VTuber model

Her style is that of a gothic cheerleader:

  • A black skirt
  • Fingerless fishnet gloves
  • Crop top
  • Garter belts
  • Lace-up/zip-up platform boots boasting pink paw prints

Mismatched pastel pink and blue stockings add to her signature color combo, a love she proudly flaunts throughout her profiles.

Inspiration comes from her real self and Juliet from “Lollipop Chainsaw,” blending with Amaterasu from “Okami” for the lupine elements and her Okamivale outfit.

Silver’s not short on outfits either—butterfly dresses, playboy bunny, pirate, nurse, magical girl, reindeer, maid, and even a nod to Lisa from Genshin Impact.

Plus, she’s got alter egos: Revlis, her succubus-inspired D&D character, and Okamivale, a white-haired wolf girl echoing Amaterasu with organic ears and tail.

Silvervale’s Old Lore

In a realm much like Earth, a sakura spirit rested within the single flower of an ancient tree. The wolves relaxed in the shade, keeping the tree thriving with their love.

Silvervale’s old lore

But when the wolves split, the single flower got all droopy from missing them.

Desperate for her lost friends, she merged her magic with the Spirit of the Wolf. Together, they beckoned the wind to carry them to a new world.

The Updated Lore

In a realm akin to Earth, a nature goddess sought kinship and fashioned a boy and a girl—a demon and a sakura spirit.

The girl aimed to spread joy and nurture the world, while her demon brother met defeat. Seeking aid, the goddess turned to the Sakura sister, who agreed to help trap him, taking the form of a massive tree to encase his tomb.

Time ticked on. The sakura spirit, within the tree’s lone flower, found solace in a wolf pack under its shade. Their bond nourished the tree for eons until the demon’s dark energy corrupted it, causing the wolves to vanish.

Silver’s updated lore

Grief-stricken, the flower drooped, longing for her lost companions. To unite with the Spirit of the Wolf, she merged the last of her and the goddess’s magic, calling upon the wind to whisk them away to a new realm.

Silvervale VTuber Face Reveal

Although there aren’t many VTubers who have willingly revealed their faces, Silvervale had no issues revealing hers. In one of her birthday streams, the VTuber decided to show up IRL in front of the camera and reveal her face to her fanbase.

The fans, who had been eagerly waiting for the moment since her debut, were genuinely excited. And here’s a screenshot of Silvervale revealing her face on that stream:

Silvervale finally reveals her face
Silvervale reveals her face on stream.

Yup….! We all just got rickrolled! KEKW!

Here’s the video for those of you who are curious about what happened:

Silvervale rickrolls everyone!

Interesting Facts About Her

Silver has a Daiya, a blue-eyed white wolf pup with a sakura flower chilling by one ear. Mira Pink and Veibae are her ride-or-dies, alongside her awesome mom.

She’s all about those “big hooker boots” to reach new heights—literally! Her bro Kon Zetsu got her into watching anime. When she’s cruising, she makes racecar sound effects. Choir days are what got her singing like a pro.

Age-wise, she left it to her chat during her 2020 birthday bash. After a debate, she settled on 23 because, why not? But, folks, she’s no Neko or Kitsune, so don’t get it twisted! She’s a wolf!

Watson Amelia is her Holomyth fave. Her VShojo profile shows buckle-up boots, but her model has laces in the front and zippers on the sides. The Petal Pals love to tease about her being a giantess, mixing jokes and some other stuff, if you catch my drift.

She’s got a thing for calling soda “pop” thanks to her mom’s influence. Games like Souls-likes? Nah, not her jam.

She sometimes likes munching on Jimmy Johns 17 sandwiches with cheese, pickles, and BBQ chips—yes, chips in sandwiches!

FF14 got serious when she and Veibae tied the knot in-game with friends and the Cream Pies FC. Game-wise, she’s vibing hard with Okami, Little Nightmares, Final Fantasy XIV, and Ashes of Creation on the horizon.

If you’re curious, her measurements are a G-cup bust (91 cm / 36 in), a 57 cm (23 in) waist, and 85 cm (33 in) hips.

Ironmouse‘s mom calls her “la loba,” which means “wolf” in Spanish. Her avatar’s a mashup of herself and Juliet from “Lollipop Chainsaw,” while the wolfy bits take inspiration from Amaterasu in “Okami.”

Ironmouse’s mom totally calls Silver “la loba,” which straight up translates to “wolf” in Spanish!

Silver’s Career Highlights

Silvervale started VTubing fueled by her tech obsession. The idea of a virtual character mirroring her moves and transforming into an anime girl hooked her.

2020: Channel Confusion & VShojo Entry

The Twitch handle shuffle caused some chaos until Silvervale found her Twitch partner status and fixed her name. Streams kicked off with avatar loops, jams, and cozy chats against a realistic room backdrop, complete with animated cats.

Joining VShojo in November marked a turning point. Her redebut revealed avatar lore and musical aspirations, aiming for a Japanese-style lo-fi album and epic collabs.

2021-2023: Collabs, Tech Upgrades, & Milestones

DigiKomi and refining her avatar expressions with ARKit tech showcased Silver’s growth. From Twitch animations to bike tour collabs and flashy merchandise, she upped her game.

Debuting her 2D model and hitting 200k followers were major moments. Her departure from VShojo in 2023 signaled a fresh chapter in her journey.

Silver’s Fanbase

She’s got her own squad, the Petal Pals, with subscribers known as the Petal Pups. These used to be the Wolfpack and Direwolves, but those sounded too basic for Silver. “Every wolf-themed streamer has a ‘wolf pack’ fanbase.”

Fan art for Silvervale? You’ll find it under #DoodleVale. And for the not-so-family-friendly stuff? Check out #Lewdlevale, even has its own Twitter account: @Lewdlevale. This all started when some Vshojo crew members wanted to engage with, but not share, spicy art on Twitter to attract more conservative Japanese companies.

Wrapping Up

Although we all got baited and rickrolled regarding Silver’s face reveal, there’s a lesson to be learned here. We need to respect her privacy and wait for her to show her face on her own (if she decides to do so).

But one thing’s for sure: next time, we’ll expect silver linings, not just Silver’s face!

Of course, we learned a lot more through this article, and we hope you enjoyed it.

But if you need to see some legit face reveals, check out this post: 13 VTubers who revealed their face!

That all, folks!


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