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The 7 Best Microphones For VTubers

Finding the best microphone for VTubing is one of the first steps towards building a VTubing setup. Your voice is a make-or-break factor for any kind of content creation on YouTube, especially when it comes to VTubing.

-> Just incase you don’t want to read any further and just want to know what our top pick is, see the Shure SM7B which we feel is the 🥇 Best Overall microphone for VTubers!

There’s a reason that VTuber agencies like Hololive and Nijisanji hire professional voice actors for their VTuber characters; your voice needs to be on point as a VTuber. Why? Because that’s what gives your animated VTuber character its life.

As a VTuber, the only realism you can show is through your voice. They can’t see you, all they see is an animated VTuber character. Your voice is the soul of your VTuber character.

Even if you are Ironmouse herself, if you’ve got a bad microphone, nobody is going to stay and watch your stream. Your viewers are there to watch and listen to you. If they needed to listen to background sirens and horns, they’d be on the streets, not on YouTube.

Our point is, your mic needs to do its job of canceling the background noises and processing your voice properly. And for that reason, we are here with a list of the best microphones for VTubing and general content creation on YouTube, including singing, playing games on stream, and vlogging.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

The 7 Best Microphones For VTubers

Our Picks

Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B microphone for VTubers
Shure SM7B, the best microphone for VTubers
What we like
  • On-board frequency response filters that are effective
  • Excellent build quality
  • Internal and off-axis noise rejection
  • Excellent voice capturing
What we don’t like
  • Pricey
  • Heavy

Although the Shure SM7B is the most expensive microphone on the list, we highly recommend it if you want to start your VTubing career with a bang, or if you are just looking for an upgrade over your existing mic.

The Shure SM7B is the best microphone by a mile for VTubing. No matter what your niche as a VTuber is, be it singing, gaming, ASMR, or whatever you can think of, this mic has got you covered. The recording on this microphone sounds like one of the most polished and pure we have ever heard.

With this mic, you don’t have to worry about how close or far you are while speaking into the recording capsule.The pre-installed filter works so well that you don’t need an external pop filter. The A7WS detachable windscreen provides a further reduction in plosives, producing a bassier-toned sound.

The Shure SM7B has the best noise canceling technology on this list of the best microphones for VTubers. While normal sensitive microphones pick up sounds made by your computer, buttons, etc., this mic has dedicated hardware to actively cancel those noises.

Requirements For The Shure SM7B

If you have decided to buy a Shure SM7B microphone, you’ll need these things to get the most out of it:

Why Do We Like The Shure SM7B Microphone For VTubers?

The Shure SM7B isn’t just a favorite high-end microphone of VTubers. Professional musicians, vocalists, YouTubers, vloggers, etc., everybody loves the Shure SM7B microphones, including us. The reasons for that are its noise attenuating technology, top-quality construction, crisp and clear sound, and uniform frequency response.

That’s why we highly recommend the Shure SM7B for those of you guys who are ready to pay top-dollar for a top-tier product.

Shure MV7

The Shure MV7 microphone for VTubing
What we like
  • Voice capturing is superb
  • Excellent software
  • USB and XLR outputs can be used simultaneously
  • Awesome build quality
  • Set it and forget it kind of interface
  • MFI and Teamspeak certification
What we don’t like
  • Windscreen is a bit loose for our liking

The Shure MV7 is that younger sibling that has to fill in the shoes of its older brother/sister, the Shure SM7B, and barely falls short of it. With the price difference between them, however, it’s understandable that the Shure MV7 isn’t the equivalent of the Shure SM7B. That’s why it earns the runner up spot on our list of best microphones for VTubers.

The Shure MV7 is still the second best microphone on this list, and the best microphone for its price bracket.

The Shure MV7 is a hybrid microphone, which means it can be used as a plug and play mic through its USB connectivity and has the option of XLR connectivity for those of you who like to use a mixer or an audio interface for more professional and fine-tuned output.

If you are looking for a more compact and portable yet professional grade microphone for VTubing, the Shure MV7 is the right choice for you.

It’s much easier to use than the Shure SM7B, with its touch panel, and doesn’t require any hardware to use if connected via USB. Although not at that level, it does retain the noise cancellation aspects of the Shure SM7B.

Requirements For The Shure MV7

You don’t need any of these things if you connect the Shure MV7 via USB. However, if you want to sound professional as a VTuber, you need to connect the Shure MV7 via XLR cable, and need the following items:

Why Do We Like The Shure MV7 Microphone For VTubers?

The Shure MV7 can capture your voice perfectly in an imperfect environment. If you are looking for top-tier features in a mid-tier price range, the Shure MV7 is the right choice for you. We highly recommend the Shure MV7 microphone due to its portability, the brilliant ShurePlus MOTIV app, build quality, and versatility.

And if you like to play games while VTubing, you’ll be happy to know that it’s got the Teamspeak and MFI certifications, which means it’s configured to sound badass to your friends. 

Logitech For Creators Blue Snowball

Blue Snowball microphone, the best budget microphone for VTubers
Blue Snowball microphone, the best budget microphone for VTubers
What we like
  • Great build quality
  • It offers 3 different pickup patterns
  • Clear and crisp audio quality
What we don’t like
  • Mini USB power method is pretty outdated

The Blue Snowball microphone is one of the cheapest on this list, but being cheap doesn’t mean that it’s a low quality mic.

The Blue Snowball is the OG of the mics. Almost every YouTuber, VTuber, singer, vocalist, gamer, or any kind of content creator has used it at some point in their careers. In fact, many of them don’t upgrade to a better microphone until well into their careers due to the value it brings at such a low price.

If you are starting as a VTuber and are on the tightest budget possible, we highly recommend going for the Logitech for Creators Blue Snowball. Its frequency response is between 18 kHz and 40 kHz, with its 16-bit sample rate, means that your voice is always going to sound crisp and clear.

Don’t get me wrong, though. You are not going to sound deep and warm like the XLR big boy microphones mentioned above. But you get what you pay for, and in this budget, it’s hands down the best USB microphone you can get.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, though. We are not fans of its power input method. It still uses the mini USB, which is not common nowadays. We hope that they upgrade the power input method to USB C and get a bit more modern.

Requirements For The Logitech For Creators Blue Snowball

There isn’t much required to get the maximum out of your Logitech For Creators Blue Snowball, but a Mounter boom arm would be good. It helps to cancel your voice bouncing off of your monitor and your PC’s and keyboard’s noise.

Why Do We Like The Blue Snowball Microphone For VTubers?

The plug and play capability, awesome audio quality, and the three different pickup patterns are the best in its price range. That’s why the Blue Snowball microphone makes the cut as the best budget microphone on this list of the best microphones for VTubers.

Logitech Blue Yeti

Blue yeti, the best USB microphone for VTubers
Blue yeti, the best USB microphone for VTubers
What we like
  • Great audio quality
  • Many pickup patterns
  • Flexible in recording
  • Gain knob is a huge convenience
  • On-mic level display
What we don’t like
  • Bulky in size

The Logitech Blue Yeti is one of the most famous microphones out there. Chances are you might already have seen the Logitech Blue Yeti in front of some content creator’s face. Well, VTubers aren’t much different either.

The Logitech Blue Yeti is popular among VTubers too. And Blue has claimed to have sold millions of Logitech Blue Yeti microphones, further emphasizing the point that it’s quite popular. There’s a reason for this popularity.

It’s the best premium USB microphone, and that too, at a medium price bracket. It’s not a “studio recording” level of a microphone, but it’s the closest you can get to that level of audio quality on a USB microphone without breaking the bank.

If you are starting VTubing and you have a decent budget, you should definitely go for the Logitech Blue Yeti. You can complete your whole VTubing career and retire, and you won’t need to upgrade your mic. It’s that good!

If you are looking for an upgrade from a mic like Blue Snowball, it will be a huge step-up. This mic offers beefier components than any of its competitors, making it a solid choice for those of you who like to take your anger out on your peripherals while gaming.

Requirements For The Logitech Blue Yeti Microphone

Like its younger sibling, the Blue Snowball microphone doesn’t require many additional devices. Just slap it on a mounter boom arm, and you are good to go.

Why Do We Like The Logitech Blue Yeti Microphone For VTubers?

As said before, the Logitech Blue Yeti is the number one choice for streamers, vocalists, gamers, and VTubers due to its great audio capturing ability, several pickup patterns, and on-mic level display, making it easy for us to recommend as the best USB mic for VTubers.

Razer Seiren V2

Razer Seiren V2, best crisp audio if tweaked correctly
Razer Seiren V2, best crisp audio if tweaked correctly
What we like
  • Clear and crisp sound all thanks to its 96kHz, 24-bit audio quality
  • Great looking design
  • Awesome High pass filter functionality
What we don’t like
  • Too much fine-tuning needed to get the best out of it
  • Razer Synapse software isn’t the best out there
  • You always have to use one position for the best possible quality

The Razer Seiren V2 is a mid-ranged microphone aimed at vloggers, creators, and streamers, including VTubers. With its mid-ranged price, it is the direct competitor to the Logitech Blue Yeti.

Like the Logitech Blue Yeti microphone, the Razer Seiren V2 is also a USB microphone and can’t compete with the studio level audio quality of the XLR mics mentioned in this list of best microphones for VTubers.

However, due to its 30mm dynamic capsule, it is able to deliver a cardioid pattern and achieve a 90kHz audio frequency that translates to pretty crisp and rich audio. That isn’t easy to achieve, though. In fact, you have to go through quite a bit of shenanigans to get that marketed audio.

The USB connectivity does have an upside, just find a USB port in your device and VOILA! You are good to go. So, if you are not a tech geek, we would highly recommend this microphone to you for its plug and play capability. However, the Logitech Blue Yeti does the same, and you don’t have to go through the hoops to achieve its advertised audio quality. So, in our opinion, if you don’t like to tune things in, go with the Blue Yeti, and if you are good at it, the Razer Seiren V2 is the better option.

Requirements For The Razer Seiren V2 Microphone

The mounter boom arm is a must for the Razer Seiren V2. Let me explain why. To achieve the advertised audio quality, you need to ensure the correct position, where the carioid pickup is the strongest, and the boom arm makes it really easy to achieve that position. It will help you to capture a rich and warm rendition of your voice.

Why Do We Like The Razer Seiren V2 Microphone For VTubers?

If you are really good at tweaking things to your liking, we can’t help but recommend the Razer Seiren V2 to you. With the right settings, it beats any of its competitors on any given day. That said, if you just want the set it and forget it type of microphone and convenience is your highest priority, you should go for the Blue Yeti microphone mentioned earlier in this article.

HyperX SoloCast

HyperX SoloCast, the best for gamer VTubers
HyperX SoloCast, the best for gamer VTubers
What we like
  • Decent sound quality
  • Portable and compact
  • Affordable
  • On-mic mute switch
What we don’t like
  • Flimsy build quality
  • Low on features

The HyperX SoloCast is one of the cheapest microphones on this list of the best microphones for VTubers. The HyperX SoloCast is the direct competitor to the Blue Snowball microphone, with similar pricing. Although the Blue Snowball mic beats the HyperX SoloCast in audio quality, the latter has its own perks.

If, as a VTuber, all you do is game, then this microphone is just fine for you. The competitive edge of HyperX SoloCast is its form factor. With its extremely small size, you can fit it under your monitor, or even in front of your monitor, and it won’t block your vision. It’s also highly portable, so if you are into LAN parties, then this mic is just right for you.

Where it lacks is its pickup patterns. It only picks up your voice properly in a cardioid pattern. That means you won’t be able to get the best out of it unless you are speaking directly into the front of the microphone. Also, it isn’t that great if you are a VTuber who likes to sing in their streams.

All it is good for is playing games and just plain old talking into the mic while VTubing.

Requirements For The HyperX SoloCast Microphone

We won’t recommend mounting this microphone on an arm, as it’s just not worth it. The stand that comes with it is just fine. All that is required is to talk directly in front of it.

Why Do We Like The HyperX SoloCast Microphone For VTubers?

If you are a VTuber who mainly plays games and shares their thoughts on stream, then this mic is fine for you. The only plus point about this mic is its portability. If you are not looking for that, then we highly recommend going for the Blue Snowball mic in this price bracket.

Rode PodMic

Rode PodMic, best budget XLR-based microphone for VTubers
Rode PodMic, best budget XLR-based microphone for VTubers
What we like
  • Internal damping and pop filter remove plosives from the equation
  • There are hinges on its mount that allow for its easy movement
  • Uncolored and clear signal
  • Crisp audio quality
  • Affordable XLR-based mic
What we don’t like
  • There are no audio filters built-in the microphone

If, as a VTuber, you are on the market looking for a budget XLR-based microphone, then this is our best choice. The accuracy of its audio signal is astonishing for its price.The PodMic offers an uncolored and clean sound signature. Due to its internal filters, there is little to no plosives.

However, the Rode PodMic doesn’t fall into the class of the Shure SM7V and MV7; those mics are in a class of their own. That said, for its price, the Rode PodMic doesn’t have any equals when it comes to the crispness of the sound.

The internal noise cancellation/damping and the pop filter work great as marketed. We would go as far as to say that you won’t need an external pop filter for basic VTubing. On the other hand, if you are a professional vocalist, or a singing VTuber, an external pop filter won’t be a bad idea.

Requirements For The Rode PodMic Microphone

The Rode PodMic doesn’t come with a stand or an external pop filter, like most XLR-based mics do, so here is what you are going to need if you want to rock this mic:

Why Do We Like The Rode PodMic Microphone For VTubers?

If you want to sound like a professional VTuber, and that too on a budget, then the Rode PodMic is a smart choice. Being an XLR-based mic, the Rode PodMic is designed for podcasters, but when used in VTubing, you will be milking those Amazon prime with your clean, warm, crisp, and sensual voice!

What’s Next For Your VTubing Careers?

Hopefully, we have helped you find the best microphone for VTubers. Whether you are looking for your first mic as a budding VTuber, vlogger, gaming streamer, or for any kind of content creation you do, we have got you covered in this list.

This list has the microphones from all ends of the spectrum, XLR-based microphones with the best possible sound quality, to the USB-based convenient mics, even a hybrid one. If you still think that this list should’ve covered a favorite microphone of yours, do let us know in the comment section and help us improve our list for your fellow content creators.

And if you liked one or two of the mics on the list and bought a mic from here, provide us with feedback, and we’ll be happy to give a shout out to your channel.

Good luck with your VTubing careers!


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