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Orihime VTuber Face Reveal, Likes and Dislikes, & More

VTubing may have started in Japan, but as time goes by, more and more creators from around the world are joining the scene.

One such VTuber is Orihime, who started her career just a year ago but has seen tremendous growth both in her personality and career.

With her growing following, many of her fans want to know more about her and wonder what she looks like in real life. That’s where we come in!

In this article, we’ll share Ori’s face-revealing photos, her likes, and dislikes, and shed some light on her personality. So, if you are her fan and want to know her on a deeper level, stick around and read on!

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Who Is Orihime?

Orihime (織姫) is a multilingual Oreo Cookie VTuber who recently made her official comeback on May 13, 2022. With fluency in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese, Orihime is a talented streamer on Twitch and YouTube, known for her artistic skills and gaming prowess.

She has collaborated with popular Vtuber groups like Nijisanji, Hololive, and PSO2, and is a valued member of the VTuber group Cirque☆Live. This amazing virtual personality will definitely entertain you!

Ori’s debut video.

Ori’s Personality

Orihime is a gentle and thoughtful individual who is both intelligent and hardworking. She is a caring person who enjoys lifting up those around her, even if it means downplaying her own strengths. However, she struggles with accepting compliments and tends to have a self-deprecating attitude.

Despite her soft-spoken nature, she has a more naughty side that comes out in certain situations. For example, she becomes more animated when she is teasing someone or flirting with someone she likes. She enjoys teasing those around her and finds it endearing when they react to her antics.

Orihime is very passionate and energetic, particularly when expressing her affection for her friends. She maintains a chill demeanor during her streams, allowing her viewers to relax and vibe with her. Orihime is always grateful to those who come to watch and enjoys interacting with her audience.

Orihime VTuber Face Reveal

After watching a couple of her videos and going through her official Twitter account, we found Ori’s face-revealing photos. Here’s what she looks like in real life:

Ori reveals her partial face
Ori reveals her partial face

Her eyes are so beautiful. But only if that dang cursor wasn’t covering half of her… Fret not! We’ve got you covered! Here are more photos where Orihime fully revealed her face:

Orihime reveals her face
Orihime reveals her face

She’s giving off the UWU girl vibe in this photo and looks very cute.

Orihime IRL
Orihime IRL

For those who are confused by her expressions in these photos, she’s actually making them in order to show off her VTuber model‘s expressions. But she still looks stunning in spite of that.

Orihime face
Orihime face

That smirk on her face would make anyone fall for her. No wonder most VTubers simp for her. And she’s got that hot voice to back up those killer looks!

Ori with her glasses on.
Ori with her glasses on.

These round glasses perfectly go with her facial structure, somehow making her look even hotter!

Her Likes & Dislikes

Orihime, like most VTubers, mentioned her likes and dislikes in her debut video. Here’s what we know about her preferences:

Things She Likes

Here’s what she loves:

  • Graphic design: Orihime enjoys creating graphic designs and has learned a lot over the years.
  • Mukbangs: She likes watching mukbang videos and has a favorite mukbanger that she enjoys watching.
  • Cheese foam drinks: Orihime likes to get cheese foam in her drinks and mentions that it makes everything taste really yummy. She particularly enjoys it with oolong or black tea.
  • Pickles and coleslaw: She really likes pickles and coleslaw and has even gone out of her way to get them before. In one of her videos, she shared, “I have gone to the rendezvous just to get pickles, and I’ve ordered from KFC just to get coleslaw. I really like pickles, and I really like coleslaw. Those two are heckin delicious. I can probably eat a whole bucket of them and feel sick, but like satisfied sick, you know?”
  • Manga: Orihime likes reading villainous mangas, isekai mangas, food mangas, and mangas where humanity has to start over, such as “Dr. Stone” and “Terra Formars.” She also has specific titles that she enjoys, such as “Hunter x Hunter,” “Kuroko no Basket,” “Prince of Tennis,” “Rozen Maiden,” “Blue Lock,” and “Haikyuu!!.” In her debut video, she explains, ” “I absolutely love manga. I think it’s such a unique and special art form that allows for incredible storytelling and character development. Some of my favorite manga series include “Fullmetal Alchemist,” “Death Note,” “Attack on Titan,” and “One Piece.” I appreciate how manga can convey complex emotions and themes in a subtle and powerful way. I also love how manga artists can create such diverse and memorable characters. It’s a truly amazing medium.”

Things She Hates

Here’s what she dislikes:

  • Berries: Orihime doesn’t like berries because they are too sour for her sensitive tongue. In one of her videos, she shared, “I don’t like berries because berries are too sour for me, no matter if it’s blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, anything like that. My tongue is like really sensitive for no reason.”
  • Visible garlic and fruit: She doesn’t like seeing visible pieces of garlic or fruit in her food and has to pick them out. She explains in her debut video, “As strange as it sounds, from when I was small until now if there is a piece of garlic that I can see, I can’t eat it. I have to pick it off. If it’s infused, if it’s meshed in, and I can’t see that it’s garlic, I can eat it. But if I see that it’s garlic, I can’t eat it. I don’t know why.”
  • Being called overrated: Orihime doesn’t like it when things she enjoys, such as cookies and cream, are called overrated. Here is what she shared on this subject: “Thing that I wish people would understand is that when they say that someone is overrated, it’s not just a statement about that person. It’s a statement about everyone who thinks that person is good at what they do. So if you think that I’m overrated, it’s not just that you think I’m not good. It’s that you think that everyone who thinks I’m good is wrong.”
  • Dentists: She doesn’t like going to the dentist and finds it uncomfortable, even if the office is nice. Here’s what she said, “I don’t like the dentist. I don’t care if the dentist has really beautiful paintings on the wall or if they have a TV screen. I hate dentists.”
  • Solo horror games: Orihime is scared of playing solo horror games and prefers to play group horror games instead. She said, “I’ve been really into playing solo horror games lately. There’s something about the immersion of playing by yourself that really makes the scares feel more intense. I recently played Outlast, and it scared the living daylights out of me. I love the feeling of being on edge and not knowing what’s around the next corner. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day, as long as you don’t mind having nightmares!”

Wrapping Up: Orihime Face Revealed

There you have it! All the instances where Orihime revealed her face, likes, dislikes, or anything personal about her. She’s an amazing person with an enticing voice, and now you know that she’s got a face to back it up!

That said, we’ve covered many VTubers who revealed their faces, so do check out that post!

That’s all, folks!


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