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Who Was Mint Fantôme & What Happened To Her?

VTubers often find themselves having to choose between what they built—their Indie VTuber character—and joining their dream VTubing agency. And more often than not, they go with the latter option and purge their past characters from the internet. That’s exactly what Mint Fantôme, aka the Mint Maid, chose. She joined her dream agency and started voicing a new VTuber (more on that later).

In this article, you’ll learn who Mint Fantôme actually was. We’ll also share some interesting facts and rumors about her new persona, so read on!

mint fantome

Who Actually Is Fantôme?

Mint Fantôme (ミント・ファントーム) hit the scene on July 24, 2020, as an independent Virtual YouTuber. This girl was all about that English and Japanese combo, speaking both languages like a boss. She rocked the ghost mint maid vibe with a full-time gig haunting, but she still had mad free time to binge anime and spend money on idol merch. Talk about ghostly multitasking skills, right? No? Okay, my bad!

Mint’s final “Ara Ara”

Her Personality

Mint, the shy and bubbly Virtual YouTuber, was a total ball of energy. She had that relaxing vibe that just made you feel at ease. Oh, and she liked to call herself Boo from Mario, bringing that gaming nostalgia to the table.

While she claimed she wasn’t great at multitasking, her fans knew the truth. She could game and chat it up with the viewers at the same time.

Mint was all about that interaction. She paid great attention to the chat, making the gaming experience hella entertaining, even if the game itself wasn’t top-notch. But this girl had some serious bad luck. Things never went quite as planned for her.

She dealt with migraines and headaches like a champ, but she didn’t let setbacks bring her down. Mint kept pushing forward.

She was a huge fan of idols, VTubers included. It was a full-on love affair. And when it came to her favorite games, Ace Attorney was her jam. She loved diving into those courtroom dramas. Mint was all about that Touhou life, vibing to the tunes and getting lost in the world.

Mint had some serious vocal skills. She could sing like nobody’s business. And it was cute as heck. But she also knew how to bring the power with her “Ara Ara Voice.” She was the definition of versatility, no doubt about it.

Mint Fantôme’s VTuber Model

Mint Fantôme, the stylish VTuber, had a Japanese café maid look that had everyone talking. Her symbolic hitaikakushi headband added a touch of mystery. With two bowties, one blue and one black, and a ghost clip in a cool green gradient, she was always on point.

Her white collar with black and green stripes, along with a black corset and knee-length green skirt, showcased her unique style. Completing the look were white ankle socks, black shoes with a green welt and heel, and a petticoat for that extra flair.

On March 14, 2021, Mint unveiled her second model, giving us a fresh take on her appearance. Her curlier hair featured mint-colored stripes with blue bows, and her green ends transitioned into a deeper mint shade. The shorter collar with frills and a single mint stripe added a touch of elegance.

Mint Fantôme's VTuber model
Mint Fantôme’s VTuber model

Sporting a French maid outfit, her pinafore, adorned with a larger ghost clip, stood out. The brown skirt with green patterned white stripes and a blue bow in the center layer was a true fashion statement. She rocked brown shoes with a lighter chocolate pattern, complete with a brown bow and double straps on the instep.

Mint’s fashion sense was always on point, and she knew how to make a statement with her unique outfits. From her café maid ensemble to her French mint maid transformation, she captivated her audience with her stylish choices.

Interesting Facts About Her

Mint had a peculiar weakness—spicy food could literally be the death of her (again). It’s a risk she just couldn’t take. Memories of her past life and how she died were hazy, but one regret haunted her: not being able to take a picture with her “very best idol” before her graduation, which left her heartbroken. Surprisingly, Mint revealed that she gained the energy to be visible as a ghost by seeing cute girls and idols.

Known for her legendary toad voice, Mint had a quirky charm that endeared her to fans. Off-stream, she found solace in sleeping in the staff room of a maid café. And don’t be surprised if she cracked a dad joke or two—our Mint maid embraced her boomer side. Interestingly, Mint shared her character designer with Lyrica & Phoebe (Feebeechanchibi), adding a unique connection to her virtual world.

Touhou was close to Mint’s heart, with Kogasa Tatara and Patchouli Knowledge being her favorite characters from the game.

Macross Delta held a special place in Mint’s anime-loving heart, with Freyja Wion becoming her favorite character. And when it came to gaming, Mint wasn’t afraid to explore eroge games and indulge in her interests.

In her virtual closet streaming setup, Mint had to endure the heat, initially unable to use a fan. However, her dedication paid off when she acquired a Dyson Fan to keep things cool. Her vibrant personality and musical talents shone through as she passionately sang Forbidden Borderline (いけないボーダライン) from Macross Delta multiple times during karaoke streams.

From shipping Edgeworth and Wright in Ace Attorney to fangirling over Godot and enjoying his theme, Mint showcased her enthusiasm for gaming and anime. She was a master of multitasking, even managing to sleep on trains without missing a beat.

What Happened To Mint Fantôme?

Mint made a sudden exit from the VTubing industry. Or did she? Read the following to find out!

Mint Fantôme’s Mysterious Exit

Mint Fantôme, the rising VTuber star, vanished into thin air. She purged her channel, wiping out most of her content, leaving behind only two enigmatic videos named “Weh” and “Weh 2.”


Fans were left utterly perplexed, searching desperately for any clue that could shed light on this puzzling vanishing act.

Weh 2!!!

The Final Stream: “Thank You for Everything”

On April 4th, 2021, Mint dropped a bombshell with her farewell stream titled “Thank You for Everything.” Fans flooded in, unsure if it was a genuine goodbye or a masterful plot twist. The suspense was unreal!

Mint’s farewell stream.

Pomu Rainpuff: Mint’s New Persona?

Enter Pomu Rainpuff, a burst of energy who captivated audiences from the get-go. Created on April 21st, 2021, some believe Pomu might just be Mint Fantôme herself in a stunning transformation. Coincidence? I think not! Speculation ran wild as the community tried to connect the dots and unravel the truth.

Connecting The Dots

The pieces of this mind-boggling puzzle slowly fell into place. Mint and Pomu shared a love for games like Tetris, Minecraft, Doom, Apex, and Phasmophobia. Add to that their friendship with Pikami, and suspicions soared. But the real kicker? Their voices—eerily similar, like two sides of the same coin.

Mint’s Quest For Stardom

Whispers in the wind suggest that Mint’s unyielding pursuit of fame pushed her to take a daring leap. Rumor has it she auditioned for the prestigious Nijisanji VTuber group, a gateway to stardom. Although she missed the mark, she didn’t crumble. Instead, she reemerged as Pomu Rainpuff, infiltrating Nijisanji Lazulite and winning hearts worldwide.

Pomu Rainpuff’s Rise

With her new identity, Pomu Rainpuff soared to unimaginable heights. Ranked third in Nijisanji Lazulite and fourth in all of Nijisanji, her electrifying charisma and mind-blowing streams drew a legion of devoted fans. “Birth of the Strongest Fairy,” her masterpiece, set the internet ablaze with a staggering 263K views and counting.

Pomu Rainpuff’s debut stream

Where Did Mint Fantôme Go?

But the question lingers in the air: Where did Mint Fantôme truly vanish to? Did she vanish completely, leaving only her alter ego behind? Or does she have another trick up her sleeve, waiting to astound us once more? Only time will unravel the truth behind this mind-bending journey.

Wrapping Up: Mint Fantôme

There you have it! Now you know who Mint Fantôme actually was, why she’s called the Mint Maid, and what persona she adapted next. Whether there’s any truth in these rumors or not, we wish Mint the best for her future, as she was truly born to be a star.

That’s all, folks! Check out this article next: 13 VTubers Revealed Their Faces.


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