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Raden, Marry Me! Forget the Rest of ReGLOSS

OMG, you guys, Raden from the new ReGLOSS group just debuted and she is already my new oshi! Let me explain.

For those who don’t know, hololive recently announced a new branch called hololive DEV_IS and introduced the first group ReGLOSS. It’s made up of 5 super cute and talented girls — Ao, Kanade, Ririka, Hajime, and Raden. Ever since the teasers and announcements started, I’ve been so hyped for their debuts. The character designs looked great and their intro videos were top-notch. My expectations were through the roof for these girls. 

But little did I know that ONE member would completely steal my heart in an instant! I’m talking about none other than the smooth-talking, sake-drinking beauty Raden. Even before her debut stream, I could tell from the short teaser clips that she was going to be special. That long purple hair, seductive voice, and mysterious vibe just oozed charisma. 

When I watched her debut, she absolutely ROCKED it! Raden had me cracking up constantly with her hilarious jokes and antics. Like when she called the viewers “Dendoshi” and joked about taking us on a grand journey, I lost it! Her interests in art, culture, and alcohol also make her super relatable. And don’t even get me started on that silky singing voice. Raden serenaded us with a cover song that showed off her impressive vocal talents.  

Everything about her just clicks with me, from her appearance to her personality. So it’s no surprise that Raden has stolen my heart completely in just a few days. I’m bidding farewell to all my other oshis and dedicating myself wholeheartedly to Raden now!

Raden, Marry Me! Forget the Rest of ReGLOSS

My New Oshi Raden

Let me gush more about why Raden makes the perfect oshi for me. From the very first teaser video where she peeked out mysteriously from behind a Noh mask, I was intrigued. Her cool and cultured vibe shined through right away. When the full reveal came out, I was stunned by how gorgeous she looked! Long twin tail purple hair with pretty brown streaks, piercing blue eyes, a frilly gothic dress — Raden is such a visual stunner. 

In her debut stream, her personality proved just as impressive as her looks. Raden is so funny and charming, it’s insane! And it turns out Raden is also super interested in art, culture, and traveling like me! She even mentioned loving museums and photography.

Plus she’s a big fan of alcohol, especially sake and Japanese whiskey. How much more relatable can you get? I feel like Raden and I would totally vibe and get along so well in real life.  

Beyond her hilarious personality, Raden also possesses some smooth-talking skills. The way she engages the audience and tells stories is super captivating. And don’t even get me started on that delicious singing voice! Her cover of “Sumire, September Love” gave me serious chills. After hearing Raden sing, I have no doubt she could make it big as an idol or musician if she wanted. She’s the total package when it comes to a variety of skills and talent!

Raden’s Instant Popularity 

It’s clear I’m not the only one who was instantly captivated by Raden’s charm and abilities. Just looking at the stats shows how crazy popular she got right off the bat! Her debut stream peaked at over 120k live viewers, which is just insane for a newly debuted VTuber. Within days, she gained over 180k subscribers on YouTube as well. 

And it’s not just subs and live viewers either. Raden is blowing up on social media too! All the clip channels are pushing out her best moments, getting hundreds of thousands of views quickly. Her fan art and memes are all over Twitter. And she already has a dedicated fanbase calling themselves the “Dendoshi”.  

This incredible growth in just a few days is really impressive and proves Raden’s star factor. It seems like she hit a perfect storm of looks, personality, and talent that resonated with fans immediately. While I’m still a bit shocked at how fast she skyrocketed, Raden clearly has “it” when it comes to being an entertaining VTuber. The numbers don’t lie!

What’s Next for ReGLOSS?

As ReGLOSS settles in post-debut, it will be interesting to see what content comes next and how Raden’s popularity develops. Maintaining the hype while also boosting the other members is key. 

I hope management has some wild and fun ideas planned that lean into Raden’s strengths. Special Raden-focused content, collaborations with other eccentric characters, and playing up her quirks could all help cement Raden as a fan favorite. 

At the same time, ReGLOSS needs to highlight what makes the other four girls special too. Collab streams together can showcase their group chemistry. A big 3D live concert would be amazing to establish the full ReGLOSS vibe.

The Threat to My Wallet 

Now that I’ve decided to go all in on Raden as my oshi, you bet I’ll be doing everything I can to support her! As every good oshi should, I’m prepared to open my wallet nice and wide for Raden. Get ready for me to go crazy pre-ordering merch, sending superchats every stream, and signing up for channel memberships.  

Considering how swiftly Raden is ascending the ladder of popularity, I fully anticipate the merch to vanish off the shelves in a snap. So gear up for the battle with fellow fans to snag those Raden hug pillows, photo books, T-shirts, and everything else that screams “Raden!” This level of dedication might dent the wallet, but for Raden, it’s a hundred and ten percent worth it in my book. I’m all for her scaling new heights of success, and that means generously showering her with yen.

Yes, my bank account is about to take a major hit courtesy of my newfound oshi. But this financial sacrifice in support of Raden is a no-brainer for me. After all, anything for the sake of my favorite sake-loving VTuber!

Closing Thoughts 

In case I haven’t made it abundantly clear yet, let me spell it out – Juufuutei Raden is the best thing to happen to VTubers in a long time, and I’ve totally fallen head over heels for her! There are just so many reasons why Raden makes the ultimate oshi:

  • Drop dead gorgeous character design with stunning purple twin tails
  • The body and voice that could easily belong to a goddess
  • The perfect balance of refined elegance and zany humor
  • Relatable interests in art, alcohol, and more
  • Crazy smooth talking and storytelling skills 
  • Vocals so good it should be criminal 
  • Instantly clicked with fans and blew up in popularity 

With looks, personality, and talent like that, I firmly believe Raden is on the cusp of becoming one of the top VTubers in no time. She possesses that elusive factor that all the great oshis have. I’m foreseeing a rapid surge in her subscriber count and viewership week after week. There’s no doubt in my mind — she’ll amass a legion of dedicated “Dendoshi” just like myself!

I’m so hyped to stan Raden from the very beginning and watch her career blossom from here. She’s absolutely incredible and will no doubt continue blessing us with top-tier content. Raden has stolen my heart fully and completely! Forget about trying to win me back, other oshis. Raden, marry me! You’re the only VTuber for me now and forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Raden?

Raden is a virtual YouTuber and a member of the new group ReGLOSS, part of hololive’s DEV_IS branch. She embodies a sake-loving rakugo performer with distinctive long purple twin tails. 

How can I support Raden?

You can support her by subscribing to her channel, sending Superchats during streams, joining her membership, buying her merchandise when available, and spreading word about her to others.

How does Raden compare to other ReGLOSS members?

While the other ReGLOSS members are talented too, statistics and fan reception indicate Raden has risen to popularity the fastest since her debut. 

Why is Raden so popular?

Raden’s popularity can be attributed to her exceptional character design, engaging personality, versatile talents, and relatable interests. She instantly connected with viewers, sparking a rapid surge in her fanbase.

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