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How To Get Hairstyle Ideas For VTuber Models

The hairstyle is the essence of your VTuber model. If the hairstyle doesn’t look good, your whole VTuber model ends up looking dull. That’s why it’s crucial, as a VTuber, to get every aspect of your VTuber model on point. Be it the illustration, rigging, color, etc., you need to get everything right.

Today, we will help you with the illustration of the hairstyle of your VTuber avatar. Specifically, we’ll assist you with collecting the reference images and ideas for the hairstyle of your VTuber model.

In the first half of this article, we’ll include a bunch of hairstyle ideas that you can use as reference images for your VTuber character, while in the second half, we’ll discuss how to get hairstyle ideas for your VTuber models.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Hairstyle Ideas For VTuber models

Hairstyle Ideas For VTuber Models

We went ahead and made a collection of the best hairstyle ideas for the VTuber model. This collection comprises images collected by the method we will discuss later in this article.

We have placed different hairstyles under different categories. You can use these images as a reference to draw the hair for your VTuber models.

I recommend using various images from different categories and mixing & matching the hairstyles to create your original art. Use these images as inspiration instead of just copying them for your VTuber model. That way, you will come up with a unique hairstyle that your audience will like.

Hairstyles Ideas With Bangs For VTuber Models

It doesn’t matter what shape your VTuber model’s face is; bangs look flattering on any face shape. If your VTuber model has a square or round-shaped face, choose the side-swept bangs from the images below, and if your VTuber model has an oval or heart-shaped face, go with the straight-across bangs.

Hairstyles Ideas With Ponytails For VTuber Models

The ponytails give the VTuber models the classic anime look, and that’s what most of your audience is after. Choose any of the images from the collection below and use them as a reference to create the best-looking ponytail hairstyle there is. Stun your audience with your VTuber hair!

Hairstyles Ideas With Buns For VTuber Models

If your VTuber model has an oval-shaped face, buns are the way to go! Why? Because your VTuber model’s face will be more prominent and help you catch your audience’s attention. Use an image from the collection below as a reference, and get your illustration started!

Braided Hairstyle Ideas For VTuber Models

Braids look fantastic on any VTuber face type and shape. Show your VTuber artist any of the hairstyles you like from the images below, and it will help them get an idea of the hair you want on your VTuber model, and they’ll draw accordingly.

Hairstyles Ideas With Curls For VTuber Models

Combine curly hair with any of the hairstyle ideas mentioned above, and you’ve got yourself a dank-looking VTuber model. Curly hair adds width to your VTuber model’s face. Also, they just look sooo gooood!

How To Get Hairstyle Ideas For VTuber Models

If you want more ideas for the hairstyle of your VTuber model, you can always look for them yourself. In this section, you’ll learn the method to collect reference images for your VTuber hair, the same method I used to find all the photos above.

We’ll use Pinterest to find you some reference images that you can use to draw your VTuber hair yourself or show those images to an artist for better communication. This will be a step-by-step guide, so make sure to follow along!

Step 1: Sign up/Sign In To Your Pinterest Account

If you already have a Pinterest account, all is well. If you don’t, no worries; creating a Pinterest account is really simple. All you need is a Google or Facebook account, and you can sign up for Pinterest with one click of your mouse button.

Sign up/Sign in to your Pinterest Account
Sign up/Sign in to your Pinterest account

Once you’ve signed up and successfully logged in, you need to locate the search bar. It’s right there at the top of your screen, as shown in the screenshot below:

Navigate To The Search Bar
Navigate To The Search Bar

Step 3: Search For The Relevant Terms

Now, according to my experience, there are some terms that will help you find the best search results when looking for hairstyle ideas for VTuber models. These terms are:

  • Lolita hair
  • VTuber hairstyle ideas
  • Wigs
  • Kawaii hairstyle
Pinterest search results
Pinterest search results

Once you’ve searched for any of these terms, the search results will appear as in the image above.

Step 4: Select Any Of The Images You Like

After the search results appear, select the image you like by clicking on it. This will lead you to the specific URL where the image is located, as shown in the image below:

VTuber hairstyle image URL
VTuber hairstyle image URL

Step 5: Save The VTuber Hairstyle Image

Now there are two ways to save the image you like. Both of the ways are further explained below:

Saving Image To Your Device

Personally, I would recommend downloading the image to your device and then using it as a reference image whenever you want to. Here is how to do that.

  • Right-click on the image you want to save.
  • Click on the “save as” option.
  • Select the destination folder.
  • Click the save button.

Now you have that image on your device and can access it from the selected folder whenever you want to.

Saving image to your device
Saving image to your device

Saving Image As A Pin On Your Pinterest Board

You can also save the hairstyle image on your Pinterest account, and they have an excellent way of managing the images. The saved images on Pinterest are called “pins.” A folder where you can keep multiple relevant images is called a “board.” You’ll learn how to create a board and how to save the pins on that board for future accessibility.

First, click on the drop-down menu right next to the red save button shown in the screenshot below:

Pinterest drop-down menu for creating a board
Pinterest drop-down menu for creating a board

Once the drop-down menu appears, click on the “Create Board” option.

Click on create board
Click on create board

Once the drop-down menu appears, click on the “Create Board” option.
A pop-up will open up after you click the “Create Board” option. There, name your board whatever you like and click on the “Create button.”

Name and create the board where the hairstyle pin will be automatically saved.

You can now access this board whenever you want to and use those hairstyle ideas on your reference sheet to create gorgeous VTuber model hair.

Here is a bonus video to help you create your own VTuber model’s hair

Wrapping It Up

We have provided you with a ready-made collection of hairstyle ideas that you can use to create beautiful VTuber model hair. We’ve also discussed how to find those ideas yourself. Now, it’s up to you how you use these images and techniques to find these images in your favor.

We hope that you use them as an inspiration to create original and unique hairstyles for your VTuber models. Good luck with your VTubing careers!


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