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How To Train Your Voice As A VTuber

So, you have commissioned a dank-looking VTuber model, but that’s just the first step in your career as a VTuber. Now you need to learn how to train your voice as a VTuber.

You might have a VTuber in mind who you admire and want to sound like them. Or maybe you want to sound unique. Well, fortunately you can achieve both through your natural voice, with maybe the help of a voice changer! We have some excellent tips to help you train your voice and make you sound just like a VTuber.


How To Sound Like A VTuber Naturally

The best way to be a VTuber is to keep things natural. That includes your voice. When you speak, you need to sound as natural as you can. Whatever you say should be coming straight from the heart and your emotions. That’s what the VTuber audience digs the most.

It would be best if you were more confident with your voice as a VTuber. Here are some excellent tips for sounding like the confident VTuber that you should be:

Drink A Lot Of Water

Before you start streaming, you need to hydrate your throat for an extra crisp voice. In fact, you should keep a glass or a bottle of water on your table while you are streaming. That will keep your voice quality consistent during the stream.

Drinking water to stay hydrated for VTubing
Drinking water to stay hydrated for VTubing

Most anime voice actors also keep their throats hydrated by drinking a lot of water while voice-acting. The same applies to VTubing, which is just another form of voice acting.

Breath In Some Air And Relax

Breathing in some air can help you with the anxiety that comes with streaming as a VTuber. Breathing lets you relax, which is crucial if you have anxiety issues. It really gives you a shot of extra confidence while streaming.

Breathing in air for better VTuber voice
Breathing in air for better VTuber voice

If you find your voice trembling or getting inconsistent due to your anxiety, just take a pause, breath, and relax.

Another excellent way to relax your body is to tighten your muscles and then suddenly loosen them. That way, your body and mind ease up and release any anxiety. This process will boost your confidence in VTubing.

An example would be tightening your hands into a fist, then relaxing them and letting them drop. 

The same goes for the shoulders, where the most of the tension is held when you start talking.

Warm Up Before You Stream

I know you may have heard this a lot, and it might be redundant at this point. But that doesn’t make it any less crucial, and it can’t be said enough: Warm up before you start your VTuber stream!

Vocal warm up for VTubing
Vocal warm up for VTubing

Warming up can help you come into your VTuber character. It can make the transition from your regular voice to your VTuber voice seamless, keeping your voice quality consistent for your audience.

Stream While Standing Up

Your back is an essential factor in determining your voice quality. If your posture is terrible, you will not hit the notes you could be hitting with a good one.

Standing up straightens your back, which helps with airflow. Good airflow gives more power to your voice which is crucial for VTubing as it, like in anime, involves a lot of shouting and loud expressions.

Another benefit of standing up is reducing the anxiety that comes with talking, presenting or acting. So if any of you have an issue with getting wound up during acting or live streaming, standing up will help.

The reason it helps with anxiety is that standing up reduces your body’s fight or flight response.

Embrace Your Own Voice

The best way to VTube is to embrace yourself, and that includes your voice. If you use your natural voice, you won’t have to worry about training or changing your voice notes and maintaining those notes while streaming.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t change your voice to sound like a VTuber. If your VTuber character demands it, then you should train your voice according to your character’s lore.

But I would highly recommend sticking with your original voice as much as you can so that you can eliminate any variables you can mess you up while your mind is on entertaining!

Try To Copy Your Role Model VTubers

You might have a role model VTuber in mind that you want to sound like. It is a huge plus if they have a voice that resembles yours, although it’s not strictly necessary. If possible, you should practice your voice to match their tone and expressions. However, you shouldn’t lose what makes you yourself unique while trying to imitating them.

Being unique is what builds an audience with VTubing. If you are not unique, then you might get lost in the crowd of other VTubers and sound like a generic character. You definitely won’t be memorable that way. So while copying and imitating your favorite VTuber, remember to stay unforgettable.

Give Meaning To Your Words Through Your Tone

Do not sound monotonous! You need to learn the sounds of words and pronounce them better. Being monotonous is your worst enemy as a VTuber. It might bore your audience, and your retention rate will plummet.

Instead, be excited with your tone! That will help you to capture and keep the audience’s attention on yourself.

Express~ the meaning of the words with your tone.

Your audience doesn’t need to understand the literal meaning of the words you speak as long as the emotion is received. You should be able to convey the essence of your words through your tone alone.

Act It Out With Your Body And Emotions

The key to being successful as a VTuber is to retain your audience’s attention. And the best way to do it is through body movement and emotional expression. Don’t be afraid to set your emotions free during the live stream.

Emotions help your audience relate to you and feel a bond with you. Expressing your emotion through gestures, hand movement, or full-body movement is important as a VTuber.

It would be best if you also expressed your emotions through shouting or having memorable phrases, and sounding happy or sad during the live stream.

Have Fun While Voice Acting

VTubing is the type of career where if you are not having fun while doing it, you are probably doing it wrong.

You shine the most through voice acting when you are having fun. Your audience is captivated by the charm the fun you bring with your voice.

Plan out your content before streaming and ensure that the content has fun activities. And when I say fun, I mean fun for you, not something you don’t enjoy and do just for the sake of views.

Remember, the audience will have fun with you if you are having fun with them.

Practice The Sounds Of Vowels, Diphthongs, & Consonants

Make sure you specifically practice Vowels, Diphthongs, & Consonants in your words. Pronunciation is a must for voice acting, which means it also applies to VTubing. Make sure that you pronounce the words correctly and succinctly.

How To Sound Like A VTuber Through Voice Changers

Using a voice changer is the easiest way to sound like a particular VTuber. We wrote a detailed article on VTuber voice changers so check that out if you are interested.

But personally, I would highly recommend sticking to your natural voice rather than using a voice changer. Your voice is your identity in VTubing. People should know that it’s you just by listening to your voice.

However, with voice changers, you lose that touch. So, be unique by using your natural voice.

But you CAN and SHOULD use voice changers for its VTuber soundboards, though.

What you can do is make a custom VTuber soundboard using voice changers to add spice to your live streams. These VTuber soundboards can be used for adding dramatic, funny or background effects to your streams and give your audience an immersive experience.

How To Sound Feminine As A VTuber (Trap/Girl Voice)

If you are a male and want to be a female VTuber, your voice is the most significant hurdle in your way. Now this is where you can really might want to use the help of a voice changer.

But honestly I would still go the natural way because using a voice changer will only make you sound like a female T-pain. No offence to the T-pain fans out there.

For naturally sounding like a female/trap VTuber, you will still need to train your voice. Here are some tips that you can specifically use to be a girl/trap VTuber:

Keep Your Voice Soft

Girls usually sound softer than males. So that is what you should go for. Keep a soft tone and be calm while speaking. Imagine how a delicate person would speak and follow through on what comes to mind.

Adjust Your Pitch

You need to consider how high you want to sound. It all depends on your VTuber character and its lore. If your character is that you are mostly excited, then you should sound higher. And if your VTuber lore is sensual, then you should sound seductive by keeping your pitch mellow.

Males usually speak from the chest, called the chest voice. It would be best if you weren’t using your chest while you talk. Instead, use your head voice by taking the air pressure off your chest. Make the sound out of your head/mouth when you speak. The following video will help explain this process in detail:

Adjusting Your Tone To Be More Feminine

You do not want to be always soft with your voice as a trap VTuber. It would make you sound monotonous. So add some punch to your voice here and there to make your female VTuber voice more convincing!

Practice Your Girl/Trap VTuber Voice

As they say, practice makes perfect, or in this case, practice makes the girl VTuber who actually is a guy perfect.

So practice a lot to make your voice consistent as a girl VTuber until you convince yourself AND all your fans that you are indeed a girl!

Hiring A Professional VTuber Voice Acting Coach

A professional VTuber voice acting coach might be the best route to training your voice as a VTuber. The only problem here is that there aren’t any great professional coaches specializing in VTubing.

However, what’s better than a VTuber voice acting coach? Yeah, that’s right, an Anime voice acting coach. If your VTuber character is anime based, then this is the perfect choice for you.

If neither of those sound right for you, we have some other great tips to help you down below.


So, you can follow the tips mentioned in the article to sound like a VTuber. Whether you use a voice changer or embrace your natural voice, just be the engaging and attention-grabbing VTuber, you want to be through some amazing voice acting skills. Good luck with your VTubing career!


Does Gura use a voice changer?

No, she doesn’t. It’s her real voice.

Does Moenaomii use a voice changer?

Yes, he does. However, we are not sure what software he uses. Here is a list of VTuber voice changers, you can try them to figure out which one he uses.


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