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The 10 Most Subscribed To VTubers Of 2022

VTubers are still extremely popular on YouTube and other platforms nowadays. With the increasing hype of YouTube shorts, VTubers now have a new outlet to grow their fanbase, especially their subscriber count, using this approach.

We all know Gawr Gura takes the crown when it comes to the Most Subscribed To VTubers of 2022. But who else makes this list? Stick around to find out!

Let’s dive into the list of the 10 Most Subscribed VTubers of 2022. We’ll be displaying numbers relating to the fanbase and popularity for VTubers you already know of, but there are others you might be seeing for the first time. So without further ado, here’s the list.

The 10 Most Subscribed To VTubers Of 2022

The Most Subscribed To VTubers Of 2022

Oozora Subaru

Oozora Subaru: the 10th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022
Oozora Subaru: the 10th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022

Let’s kick-start this list with a lively VTuber, Oozora Subaru. After introducing herself as the manager of an eSports club and MMA team, this bright-eyed good-attitude girl captured the masses with her kind and light approach as she interacts on stream as if she were good friends with all of her viewers in real life.

Despite her “high as the sun” and “clear as a blue sky” persona and her lively demeanor, there are some low points in her past. Hiding behind her happy, confident, boyish facade is a real girl who was born with a Ventricular Septal Defect, had her house burned down and needed a new place to live and even got run over by a car.

Seriously, this would discourage most people if something like this happened to them, but Oozora Subaru used these unfortunate turn of events into motivation for becoming a full-time VTuber. Apart from huge subscribers on YouTube, Oozora Subaru also got a lot of support from her Suba-Tomos and Ahijos, amounting for 1 million followers on Twitter and 107k on Instagram. This subscriber count earns her the 10th spot on this list of the most subscribed to VTubers of 2022.

Sakura Miko

Sakura Miko: the 9th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022
Sakura Miko: the 9th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022

Next is a “Nyahello” from Sakura Miko. A virtual shrine maiden depicting the peaceful aesthetics of the sakura blossoms in her appearance, who, at the same time, loves Eroge games. She accidentally popped an Eroge game in the middle of a stream while playing an absolutely different game, and has an Eroge playlist of streams in her channel!

That is not the only thing that seems “questionable” about her, compared to her delicate appearance. She also proclaims to have “Elite Gamer Skills.” However, she definitely doesn’t live up to her claim in reality, which raises many eyebrows. Personally, I think her elite skills come from exploiting the wholesome word “FAQ News” into a much-loved sublime form that she uses to curse an NPC into oblivion in a game.

Not to mention her elite skills in knowing that a humidifier doesn’t need any water to run, which instantly served as a hilarious moments in one of her streams. Sakura Miko also has 270k 35Ps followers over her Twitch channel.

Hoshimachi Suisei

Hoshimachi Suisei: the 8th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022
Hoshimachi Suisei: the 8th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022
  • Current YouTube Subscribers: 1.63m
  • YouTube Channel: Suisei Channel 
  • Affiliation: Hololive, S:gnal (formerly), Independent (formerly)

Is it a shooting star? Is it a diamond in the rough? No, it’s VTuber Hoshimachi Suisei coming up next on our list! She would like to hold a live concert in Tokyo’s Budokan one day. It seems like a pretty big dream for a VTuber with a gentle and petite appearance, but this girl really has a good voice. No kidding! Why not check out a few of her songs on her YouTube channel and see for yourself?

She also has a unique approach to her stream that sets her apart from other VTubers. Suisei talks like a professional, with a very pleasing voice that is very smooth to the ears and easy to understand word by word. Although sometimes mixed with childish acts, it only adds to her quirky, yet realistic vibe on her streams.

Aside from these, she is also talented at drawing. As a matter of fact, she drew her original character image herself. Hoshimachi Suisei’s gaming skills are also unquestionable. She is not at the PRO level, but her content is not cringy, and she is steadily gaining a growing number of subscribers on YouTube.

Watson Amelia

Watson Amelia: the 7th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022
Watson Amelia: the 7th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022

Either she bonks you with a 2D magnifying glass or annihilates you entirely with the mine she personally crafted in Minecraft called the “Gura’s Backdoor”. The game’s title totally suggested that Watson Amelia should craft a mine; I can’t blame her! Her training is helping her become a real gamer. This training routine includes Amelia challenging herself with some FPS games like CS: GO, Apex Legends, and Valorant.

She also challenges herself with some serious puzzle games like Portal and Inside. Recently this year, she played Return of the Obra Dinn, too, along with some Outer Wilds. She either does that or transforms into what Amelia would call “her Gremlin Mode.” During this weird turn of events, Amelia changes into a deranged-sounding rubber-toy counterpart from a lively yet well-composed Watson.

Her Gremlin mode is the polar opposite of her usual Sherlock Holmes-inspired character appearance. She looks more like a concept character from a new Anabelle movie than someone from a Sherlock Holmes series. Watson Amelia currently has 1.72m subscribers on YouTube, 87.7k on Twitch, and 124.1k on Tiktok. All thanks to the love and support of Amelia’s teammates.

Inugami Korone

Inugami Korone: the 6th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022
Inugami Korone: the 6th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022

Coming up is a VTuber who is very goofy and lovable on screen, but is like a dog you wish you never had. Inugami Korone, despite the cute, adorable, wholesome, friendly dog persona, will ask for her fans’ fingers and tend to forget them intentionally to rot or use them to gamble in Dragon Quest. But this VTuber is actually really nice!

She does not speak much English, but you can see her dedication to engaging and communicating with fans on her stream. She often uses Google Translate as her learning tool for the English language, and her fans see this as a very genuine and rare side of her as a VTuber.

This resulted in Inugami Korone growing the number of her “Koronesuki.” She now has over a million subscribers on YouTube and 1.1 million listener-kuns on Twitter. She also works in a bakery in real life, aside from being a VTuber. Unfortunately, that raises some concern about her health and well-being among her fan base.

Shirakami Fubuki

Shirakami Fubuki: the 5th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022
The 5th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022: Shirakami Fubuki

Shirakami Fubuki treats you to a good foxy day! A white-haired girl with fox ears aims to become a top otaku idol one day while doing what she loves: talking with people and just enjoying everyday otaku life. Fun fact: did you know that Shirakami Fubuki is often mistaken for a cat rather than a fox?

She does display a very delicate attitude alongside her blizzard white fox appearance as a VTuber. She tends to get embarrassed and hide on the stream, leaving only the ears of her 2D models to show on the screen.

On the other hand, she is quite a good gamer. While on a stream playing Project Winter, Shirakami Fubuki nearly won a 1v4 battle just by herself! She’s a part of Hololive Gamers, after all. She’s also a member of Hololive 1st Gen.

Currently, the fox girl Shirakami Fubuki has 2.01 million subscribing Sukon-bu on her YouTube channel and 1.4 million followers on Twitter.

Usada Pekora

Usada Pekora
Usada Pekora: the 4th most subscribed to VTuber of 2022

A VTuber will bring the RIP headphones into reality with Usada Pekora’s intro video on her YouTube channel. Usada Pekora claims that she loves carrots so much that she brings a few anywhere she goes, but in reality, it seems to be an understatement as carrots can be seen poking here and there on her 2D character design. She also claims that she’s from the nation of Pekoland.

Which has me thinking, “Why is she a bunny girl and not a big furry bird with a large beak?” Anyway, this bunny VTuber is a trainwreck combination of hilariousness, a sudden dark and ominous persona, and childish failures. Usada Pekora also enlightened the netizens that bunny girls do not wear panties at all, and that she is a gambling addict.

Speaking of gambling, Pekora is surprisingly extremely lucky on some occasions. Pulling high-rarety cards in Princess Connect Re: Dive, her extremely RNG-driven battle in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond with the Elite Four, and many more instances in her gaming streams. That said, Usada Pekora is undoubtedly loved by her League of the Hare Alliance, gaining over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 178k Nousagi-followers on Twitch.

Mori Calliope

Mori Calliope
The 3rd most subscribed to VTuber of 2022: Mori Calliope

Mori Calliope reaps your soul with her scythe Ricky and her lovable, gentle, and honest attitude. Calliope is quite good and fluent in her English, which accents her uniqueness as a VTuber with the help of her low-pitched sounding voice. It sets her apart from other VTubers who go as loud as they can on their game streams.

Despite her solid and aggressive 2D appearance in terms of her character design, she hates coffee. Mori Calliope is actually a genuine, kind-hearted human being with the memory of a goldfish. Her authentic personality was admired and warmly embraced by her fans and her fellow Hololive VTubers. She has already reaped the souls of 2.16 million Dead Beats on YouTube, 1.3 million souls on Twitter, 211.4k on Tiktok, and other 42.7k souls on her Twitch, placing her 3rd on this list of most subscribed to VTubers of 2022.

Houshou Marine

Houshou Marine
Houshou Marine: the 2nd most subscribed to VTuber of 2022

Keep yer’ hands on deck as the milady Captain Houshou Marine is here! She will undoubtedly be seducing you with her bold attitude. She will seduce you with her voice, acting, cursing, MV clips, and even with her YouTube video thumbnails! Houshou Marine will do everything she can to stack up money for her to get that pirate ship she always wanted.

Actually, she is just a young cosplayer who wants to get her hands on some treasure with real monetary value. She is also a VTuber who can’t handle her lewdness. Yes, you read that right. She debuted as a member of Hololive Fantasy, a part of Hololive’s third generation of VTubers. Houshou Marine currently has 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube, which she greets with a lively “Ahoy!” in all of her streams, and around 68.8K Houshou no Ichimi on Tiktok, placing her 2nd on this list of most subscribed to VTubers of 2022.

Gawr Gura

Gawr Gura: the most subscribed to VTuber
Gawr Gura: the most subscribed to VTuber

Finally, on our list, who doesn’t know this blue cuteness monstrosity on YouTube? It’s your very own and very annoying Gawr Gura. She’s probably the most recognizable YouTuber.

Gawr Gura has been seen a lot on YouTube lately and even spotted on some “adult” tubes. She has an adult’s wit but a newborn’s mathematical skill. Her extensive knowledge about current, if not all, memes makes her exceptional, and fans see this as highly engaging and very entertaining.

Gura also incorporates lewd jokes quite a bit, but it doesn’t break her gentle personality or annoying voice-over of her streams. She also made the internet remember her notable quotes that can sometimes be hilarious, especially when she tries to say them in a lewd way, which turns out to fail most of the time.

Overall, Gawr Gura is extremely likable as a VTuber personality, with HUGE numbers of chumbuds to back it up. 4.23 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.7m followers on Twitter, 110.5k on Tiktok, and 32.1k on Twitch earn her the 1st spot on the list of the most subscribed to VTubers of 2022.

Wrapping It Up

In this article, we mentioned the ten most subscribed to VTubers. With the help of our list, we hope you have found some new VTubers who will keep you entertained. And that concludes today’s topic~

Stay tuned for more interesting facts about your favorite VTubers!


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