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Sinder VTuber Face Reveal, CPR Controversy, & More!

Looking to catch a glimpse of your beloved VTuber, Sinder’s face? Explore all the times when she has partially or fully revealed her face.

The VTubing industry is thriving, and among the VTubers who have prospered the most is our favorite fiery wolf VTuber, Sinder!

She has gained an impressive 65.2K subscribers on YouTube and 93.5K subscribers on Twitch in just a few months. With her unique persona and immense popularity, many of her fans are eager to see her in real life (IRL)!

That’s where we can help you. In this article, you’ll see what she looks like in real life, along with some interesting facts and hidden secrets about her!

And unlike other websites, we guarantee to fulfill this promise, unlike other websites you might have stumbled upon during your search. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive straight in!

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Who Is Sinder?

Sinder is an indie American female VTuber, who debuted on August 15, 2022. She portrays a wolf girl with a fiery personality and a backstory about being banished from Hell for being too kind. Her YouTube channel showcases clips and highlights from her Twitch streams.

Her debut stream

Sinder is famous for her collaborations playing Fall Guys with over 50 other Vtubers, such as Lori, Ashelia Rinkou, Non-Anon, Mew Horizon, mom0ki, Emma Oumiya, and many others.

Her Lore

Sinder is a VTuber with the persona of a fiery wolf girl banished from Hell because she was too nice. Due to her efforts to befriend damned souls, she was cursed to be a half-human “monster” and now roams the mortal plane searching for new friends to warm their hearts.

Sinder can transform into her “Hellhound” wolf form and control, bend, and conjure fire at will. Her warm personality can make anyone smile, and she loves eating ice cream to cool down. However, her hair, eyes, and flames turn blue when she gets extremely angry. As she walks, she leaves scorch prints on the ground.

Her Lore

Sinder VTuber Face Reveal

Sinder did a partial face reveal in one of her tweets. To be precise, she did a body reveal. Here’s her real-life photo:

Sinder real face is hidden by emoji
Sinder real face is hidden by emoji

She is hiding her face with an emoji, but her body is thicc, though! Glad to know that her VTuber model is based on her real-life figure.

This photo is from her Halloween party, where she dressed up as a bottom.

Here’s a photo of her leg reveal:

Sinder in real life
Sinder in real life

All I would say is that her boyfriend is a lucky guy. She’s a keeper!

The CPR Controversy

On February 16, 2023, Sinder shared a metal version cover of the song “Cpr” by cupcakKe on her channel. She credited Numi for encouraging her to create music and allowing her to use her 3.0 outfit in the video.

Sinder also posted a teaser for her cover on Twitter. She received positive feedback from her friends, including Senz, Merry, Hyanna Natsu, Leizu Shen, Numi, MeowMoonified, Vienna, Bao The Whale, Kage, and OniGiri.

However, the cover received a lot of criticism on Twitter, with many users disliking it and ridiculing Sinder’s singing voice. Some YouTubers like Dumbsville and Veridis Joe also criticized it, with the former calling it “straight garbage.”

A tweet criticizing the cover gained more likes than Sinder’s original tweet promoting the video. The music video for the cover also received a large number of dislikes and negative comments. The video has 12K dislikes compared to 9K likes.

After the controversy surrounding Sinder’s metal cover of Cpr, many VTubers and even professional musicians spoke up in her defense. They stated that she did not deserve the hate and criticism directed at her. Mana Futakuchi, Vienna, and Aoki Sugi were among the VTubers who defended her.

At the same time, musician Jonathan Young tweeted in support of her and criticized the gatekeeping mentality in the metal community. As a result of the controversy, the hashtag #Sinder began trending on Twitter the next day. So, she received a lot of clout from the controversy.

Her reaction to the hate she received.

Her Collaborations

On November 25, 2022, Sinder and Numi were sponsored to play in the Azur Lane x Atelier Ryza collaboration event.

FalseEyeD tweeted on November 27, 2022, that he and several VTubers, including Sinder, Nekomancer, RiiKami, Numi, Kage, and Tob, were scheduled to appear as guests on his panel at Anime Los Angeles from January 5-8, 2023.

The collaboration announcement
The collaboration announcement

Sinder was also announced to appear at Weebcon alongside SenZ, Yuzu, Nihmune, FeFe, Onigiri, Chibidoki, Rainhoe, FalseEyeD, Bao, Trickywi, Vienna, and rpr, among others.

Sinder has collaborated with Valak, Phoenix, and Kooji and has streamed Human: Fall Flat with Yoclesh. She has also played games with Omi VT and has appeared in Phoenix’s gameshow Heaven VS Hell. Also, she has streamed The Devil in Me with Layna.

Interesting Facts About Sinder

Sinder enjoys taking naps, especially when she is feeling tired or stressed. She likes to wrap herself in fluffy blankets and cuddle with her stuffed animals while she sleeps.

Sweets are another one of her favorite things, and she enjoys indulging in all kinds of treats, such as ice cream, cake, and candy. Flowers are also a source of joy for Sinder, and she loves looking at them, smelling them, and even wearing them in her hair.

Sinder has a quirky sense of humor and loves telling and hearing stupid jokes. She also enjoys eating at hibachi restaurants, where she can watch the chefs cook and perform tricks with their knives and utensils.

Making new friends is another thing that Sinder is passionate about, and she is always open to meeting new people and learning about their interests and hobbies.

On the other hand, Sinder dislikes hot weather and can become uncomfortable and irritable when the temperature rises. Thunderstorms are another thing that she does not enjoy, as they make her feel scared and anxious.

While Sinder enjoys seafood in general, she does not like tuna fish, as she finds it too stinky. Finally, Sinder has a love-hate relationship with her own flames.

While she enjoys being able to control and conjure fire, she doesn’t like it when her flames flare up unexpectedly, especially when she’s angry or excited.

Sinder is a big fan of voice actor Scott Arthur. He is famous for his work as Blaidd in the upcoming video game Elden Ring.

She was thrilled when her mod, Daemon, commissioned him to send Sinder a surprise message on Cameo.

Sinder was excited about the message from Blaiid.

A Sus Conversation With Her Father

Sinder shared an interesting conversation with her father, who suggested she try streaming on “Other” websites. Here’s how it went.

So during dinner, she and her dad talked about all the cool achievements she’s been making with her streams. Her parents told her how proud they felt as they supported her throughout her career.

Her dad said, “You should go on one of those webcam streaming service sites.” “Umm… what’s it called again?”

And she was like, “What kind of not safe for work sh*t is my dad trying to imply me doing?” She told him, “I’m not sure what kind of websites you are talking about, dad!”

He then said, “Oh! Omegle, that’s what I’m thinking of!”

She must have breathed a sigh of relief! KEKW! Here’s the video for you to watch if you are interested:

Sinder and her dad had a sus conversation.

Sinder’s VTuber Model

As seen in her face reveal photos, her VTuber model is highly based on her real-life physique.

Illustrator Hyanna Natsu created Sinder’s initial design. However, her current design was made by NanolessP and rigged by NeykaSoul. Her chibi model, on the other hand, was rigged by BriAtCookieBox.

Sinder's VTuber model
Sinder’s VTuber model

Wrapping Up: Sinder Face Reveal

There you have it, my dear friends—all the instances when Sinder revealed her body/face! We also shared some fascinating details about her, some of which are not available anywhere else on the internet!

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That’s all, folks!


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