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How to Start VTuber Agency in 2023 | Getting Inspiration from VShojo

Have you ever dreamt of launching your very own VTuber agency? If you’re anything like me, a devoted fan of VTubers, the answer is a resounding yes!

In this article, we’re delving deep into the secrets of starting a thriving VTuber agency in 2023. We’ll explore the core concepts like “what is VTuber agency,” unravel the incredible success story of VShojo, and provide you with invaluable tips to kickstart your agency.

I might not be an expert, but as a fellow VTuber enthusiast, I’m here to simplify it all for you. So, whether you’ve just discovered the world of VTubing or you can’t get enough of Kiryu Coco, stay tuned to discover how to create the next big VTuber sensation!

How to Start VTuber Agency in 2023 Getting Inspiration from VShojo

What is VShojo?

VShojo is a San Francisco-based VTuber agency that stands out from the crowd. Who owns VShojo? Established in 2020, this innovative agency was co-founded by Justin Ignacio, a former Twitch employee and YouTuber, Phillip Fortunat. Their vision was clear — creating an organization where talent enjoys complete creative freedom.

In the realm of live streaming, VShojo primarily leverages Twitch as its platform of choice, while YouTube takes on the role of showcasing highlights and meticulously edited content. This amalgamation of talent and strategy has propelled VShojo to remarkable heights within the VTuber landscape.

What is VTubing?

VTubing, short for virtual YouTubing, is an electrifying phenomenon in the world of online entertainment. It revolutionizes content creation by using animated virtual avatars, replacing the need for creators to appear on camera in the flesh. This trend has been sweeping across platforms like YouTube and Twitch, captivating audiences with its unique blend of anime-inspired characters and the charisma of live streamers.

VTubers, the vibrant personalities behind these avatars, have become a cultural sensation. Take Gawr Gura, for instance, a VTuber known for regularly attracting a whopping 100,000 live viewers across multiple platforms. The VTubing scene is nothing short of a whirlwind of creativity and excitement, offering a fresh and captivating form of online entertainment.

How to Start a VTuber Agency in 2023/2024?

Embarking on the journey to become the manager of your own VTuber agency in 2023 is an exciting and ambitious goal. With the VTuber trend soaring to new heights globally, this is the perfect time to dive in. While building an agency as influential as VShojo or Hololive might appear daunting, with the right preparation and knowledge, your agency can indeed find its path to success.

Requirements to Start a VTuber Agency like VShojo

Creating an agency on the scale of VShojo demands a blend of essential elements. Firstly, securing startup funds is crucial to cover expenses such as branding, equipment, software, and initial talent recruitment. You’re looking at an investment of several thousand dollars at the very least.

Moreover, possessing business acumen is vital for navigating contracts, sponsorships, and merchandise deals. Some technical skills will also come in handy to manage streaming software and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Most importantly, you’ll need a deep passion for VTubing and a knack for talent scouting. Drawing inspiration from VShojo, which began with a core group of already popular VTubers, can be a wise move.

How VTuber Agencies Operate

VTuber agencies serve as the backbone for VTubers, offering support in management, branding, promotions, and technical aspects. These agencies take charge of critical tasks like setting up the VTuber’s model design, YouTube channel, and social media accounts. Many agencies also venture into merch production, which can become a lucrative revenue source. VTuber talents are then free to focus on their creative content, while the agency may actively recruit new talents and boost their visibility.

In essence, agencies handle the business side of things, allowing the talents to shine. Larger agencies often comprise a team of managers, designers, tech experts, and various specialists to provide resources to VTubers.

Investment Required for a VTuber Agency

The initial investment for launching a VTuber agency can vary, but you should be prepared to allocate a minimum of several thousand dollars. Startup expenses encompass hardware like capture cards and microphones for your talents, subscriptions to streaming software, brand design, legal fees, registrations, marketing, and more.

For agencies with multiple VTubers, the startup costs can easily surpass $10,000. The revenue generated from sponsorships and merchandise sales down the road can help offset these initial investments.

Selecting a Niche or Specialization for Your VTuber Agency

Differentiating your agency is essential in the competitive VTuber landscape. VTubing is a bustling space, making specialization a strategic choice. You might choose to focus on gaming VTubers, singing VTubers, male VTubers, or even VTubers with a sci-fi theme – the possibilities are vast. Draw inspiration from your own passions and expertise when selecting a niche. Specialization will help you attract the right audience and talents.

For instance, an agency catering to English-speaking gaming streamers with a knack for humor could thrive on platforms like Twitch, following in the footsteps of VShojo’s success. In the initial stages, it’s crucial to wholeheartedly own your chosen niche rather than spreading yourself too thin.

Finding Exceptional VTuber Talent for Your Agency

Uncovering fresh VTuber talent is a pivotal task. Scout for promising yet undiscovered VTubers on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter. Attend VTuber events to network and personally assess their skills. Engage with VTuber Reddit threads and forums to promote your agency. Collaboration with existing independent VTubers can lead to referrals. Consider organizing public auditions to discover new faces. Above all, keep a keen eye out for personalities that resonate strongly with audiences.

Essential Tools and Platforms for Managing a VTuber Agency

best vtuber software

Effective management of a VTuber agency requires a robust set of tools. Utilize project management platforms like Asana to keep tasks and schedules organized. Establish shared cloud storage for video assets and designs, and employ communication tools such as Discord and Slack for seamless interaction with talents and staff. Leverage YouTube’s built-in analytics to glean valuable data. Most importantly, ensure that your talents have access to top-tier streaming software like OBS or XSplit. A well-structured tech stack is the key to maintaining the smooth operation of your agency.

Generating Revenue with Your VTubing Agency in 2023

While your passion for VTubing should be the primary motivator, generating revenue remains vital for sustainable growth.

Set up monetization on your talent’s YouTube and Twitch channels. Create a merch store featuring items like t-shirts and plushies, aligned with your agency’s brand. Seek sponsorships from brands that align with your values and share a percentage of your talent’s stream and sales revenue. As your agency grows, you’ll find yourself securing more significant deals. Above all, focus on nurturing an authentic and engaged audience that actively supports monetization efforts.

Discussing the Structure of VShojo

VShojo's roster

When endeavoring to create your very own successful VTuber agency, there’s much to gain from dissecting the workings of established industry giants. Among these luminaries, VShojo shines as a prime exemplar, and it’s worth understanding why this agency has risen to VTubing superstardom.

Founded on November 24, 2020, by Justin Ignacio, a former executive at Twitch, and the renowned YouTuber Phillip Fortunato, VShojo embarked on its journey with a clear vision. Their mission? To push the creative boundaries of VTubing while paying homage to the VTuber community that laid the foundation for this captivating realm of online entertainment.

VShojo made its grand entrance into the scene with an impressive roster of 7 English-speaking VTubers, including Ironmouse, Nyanners, and Projekt Melody, among others. What’s remarkable is that most of these talents were already popular independent VTubers in their own right. Yet, under the nurturing wings of VShojo’s management, their growth soared to new heights. Collaborative streams between these talents created viral moments that catapulted the agency to the forefront of the VTuber landscape.

Over the span of three years, VShojo’s influence has expanded to include 12 VShojo members as VTubers with a collective audience of millions of YouTube subscribers. Their stronghold on Twitch was forged by embracing talent freedom and tailoring their streams to Western audiences. VShojo’s fans are drawn to the agency’s tight-knit community, where moments of sheer chaos infuse a unique energy into their collaborations.

While many VTuber agencies traditionally focus on nurturing rookie talent, VShojo charted a different course. Their early successes came from recruiting established personalities who brought their own creative visions to the table. This distinctive approach also granted VShojo talents ownership of their intellectual property, a rarity in the industry. This means VShojo members wield creative control over their own brands, adding an extra layer of authenticity to their content.

In a pioneering move, VShojo ventured into the realm of Japan, creating a bridge between East and West with bilingual talents such as Kson and Nazuna. This strategic move represents a harmonious synergy between two distinct branches of VTubing culture.

VShojo’s ascendancy to the zenith of VTubing owes much to its devoted fanbase, viral moments, indie roots, and championing talent. Any new agency can learn from their formula.

Are There Other Well-known VTuber Agencies?

While VShojo shines brilliantly in the VTubing cosmos, it’s just one star in a constellation of remarkable agencies. Here’s a glimpse of some other prominent players:

  • Hololive: Hailing from Japan, Hololive reigns supreme with almost 70 talents and an impressive legion of YouTube subscribers. Their enchanting VTubers not only produce hit songs but also orchestrate grand live events that draw fans in droves.
  • Nijisanji: While people debate about VShojo vs Hololive, Nijisanji is also a really popular VTuber Agency. Nijisanji’s extensive VTuber network includes sub-groups like the all-male VirtuaReal, showcasing the diversity of talent and content within the VTubing landscape.
  • Smaller Rising Stars: The VTuber universe is continuously expanding, with smaller agencies gaining momentum. VOMS Project, for instance, specializes in singing VTubers, captivating audiences with their musical talents. PRISM Project boasts a roster of global English-speaking VTubers, further illustrating the infinite possibilities in this vibrant realm.

The VTuber agency scene is dynamic and ever-evolving, offering a myriad of options for both talents and enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to the grandeur of Hololive or the niche appeal of smaller agencies, there’s a VTuber agency out there for every taste. The VTubing universe is vast and brimming with potential!

How to be a Good VTuber Agency by Following the Right Steps

Building an exceptional VTuber agency takes dedication and time, but it’s possible to pave the way for success by sidestepping common early pitfalls. Here are some valuable tips to help you get started on the right foot:

Avoid these Common Mistakes VTuber Agencies Make When Starting Out

  1. Prioritize Talent Freedom and Happiness: One of the most vital elements of a thriving VTuber agency is the creative autonomy and happiness of your VTubers. Avoid the temptation to compromise their freedom for short-term gains. Trust them with creative control, and they’ll flourish.
  1. Start Small and Grow Organically: While the allure of rapid expansion is strong, resist the urge to grow your talent roster too quickly. Beginning on a smaller scale and allowing your agency to grow organically enables you to provide better support and attention to each VTuber, fostering their development.
  1. Invest Wisely in a Professional Foundation: Underestimating startup costs and seeking funding shortcuts can undermine your agency’s long-term prospects. Ensure you invest adequately in essential elements to establish a professional foundation for your VTubers.
  1. Grant Autonomy to Your Talents: While guidance and support are essential, micromanaging every aspect of your talent’s activities can stifle their creativity. Empower them with autonomy, allowing them to take ownership of their content and brand.
  1. Prioritize Quality Tools: The quality of the tools and technology at your agency’s disposal is crucial. Avoid relying on unstable or outdated software and technology. Invest in reliable and cutting-edge resources to ensure smooth operations and content creation.

By steering clear of these common missteps and embracing these key principles, you can set the stage for a thriving VTuber agency that nurtures both the creativity of your talents and your agency’s long-term success. Building a great agency is a journey, and these steps will help you navigate it successfully.


Embarking on the path to creating your very own VTuber agency is a thrilling and rewarding journey. In 2023, the stage is set for your agency to shine, provided you strike the right balance of essential elements: business acumen, talent scouting prowess, technical skills, and, most importantly, a deep-rooted passion for VTubing.

As you take your agency from concept to reality, remember to maintain flexibility, adapt to the ever-evolving VTubing landscape, and be open to creative risks. Take inspiration from successful groups like VShojo, who have paved the way for VTubing excellence.

Above all, never forget the essence of VTubing – it’s about having fun and fostering a vibrant and supportive community. New agencies breathe life into this world, propelling fresh VTubing stars and creating memorable viral moments that captivate audiences. Your journey is just beginning, and the VTubing community eagerly anticipates the extraordinary talents and captivating content your agency will bring to the forefront.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a big budget to start a VTuber agency?

While you don’t need a fortune, having a decent startup budget in the thousands is advisable to cover initial expenses. Starting small and reinvesting revenue as your agency grows is a practical approach.

Should my agency be a company or can it just be a collective?

The structure of your agency can be tailored to your specific needs. A formally incorporated company offers certain benefits but involves paperwork and regulations. A collective is a simpler and more nimble option, providing flexibility in your approach.

How many VTubers should I start my agency with?

Starting with 2-4 core VTubers is a manageable approach. This allows them to collaborate and grow their fanbases together. As your agency matures, you can gradually expand your talent roster.

Do I need a specialty or niche for my agency?

Having a niche, such as gaming or singing VTubers, can be advantageous in attracting the right audience. However, you can always broaden your niche as your agency expands and diversifies.

Should my agency talent be new VTubers or established names?

There are advantages to both approaches. Debuting new talent allows you to shape their branding from the ground up while recruiting established indie VTubers brings with it an existing fanbase.

What is the ideal platform to focus on – YouTube, Twitch, or others?

Most VTuber agencies focus on YouTube due to its massive audience. However, as demonstrated by VShojo, it’s possible to find a niche on platforms like Twitch or other streaming services. Your choice should align with your agency’s goals and target audience.

How much revenue can a VTuber agency make?

Revenue potential varies based on your agency’s size and the talent you manage. Top agencies can generate millions annually through sources like ads, brand deals, and merchandise sales. However, it’s advisable to prioritize growth before focusing on revenue generation.

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